QILONG- is a key hydrocarbon resin manufacturer in China. At present time, we have three hydrocarbon resin plants in operation in total and they are located in zibo, Fushun and Nanjing. Taking advantages of the reliable and abundant feedstock resources available in SINOPEC and PetroChina, the perfect production facility and years of marketing experience, our products are widey used by our clients, including many Fortune 500 companies in both domestic and abroad markets. tag:hydrocarbon resin,petroleum resin

With the changing of the technology, it has broad spaces for the hydrocarbon resin to develop. It has many features that it can have so wide uses in our daily life, especially the construction purposes. Hydrocarbon resin can be melt at the temperature about 100 degrees Celsius but it is non-absorbent. So how to soak resin in water?

As we know, the hydrocarbon secretion collected from various trees and plants is known as a resin. Resins have been used for centuries. Nowadays, resin applications not only include aromatherapy and medicinal uses, but also dentures. Soaking resin in water can produce a homemade medicinal ointment. Soaking also can remove resin buildup, as well as clean the surface of resin-based products. Let us read the below steps.

Firstly, you should mix equal parts water and vinegar if you want to soak a resin-based item, such as dentures. This will help remove fungus growth and bacteria. Other resin related things are also applicable. The drop one to two tablets of denture cleanser in a glass of water. Place your dentures or other resin-based item in the mixture and allow it to sit overnight. This should help to remove unwanted buildup on the surface of your item.

Nest is to pour sea salt over your item if it has a resin residue. This can be the case for aromatherapy resin burner devices. Make sure that you place the item in a resealable plastic bag and add isopropyl alcohol over the salt-covered item. A few hours are needed to let it sit for. Then you should shake the bag and drain it. Pour hot water into the bag and let the item sit in it for about a half-hour. Dump the water and rinse the item. Keep rinsing until the water is clear. At last, resin should be placed in one cup of water and slowly heat the water on the stove top. When it does not reach the desired thickness, it should be maintained in the mixture simmering. This is the method you can use to make your own resin healing ointment to be used on the skin. Soften the resin and soak it in the water.

These steps above are introduced to you. If you want to clean something resin related things or other items, you can do according the ways.

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