The Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday afternoon played the New York Mets in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park in the second game of this early season weekend series.  The Phillies offense again was not productive as David Wright and the New York Mets defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, 5-0.  The home crowd was not happy and they filled out of Citizens Bank Park as early as the seventh inning.  Manager Charlie Manuel needs to start taking some responsibility here because the really good managers in baseball make adjustments to their style to adopt to the players in which he has to work with.  His managing style needs to be a little flexible in the early part of this season.

     The Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday afternoon hope to avoid a early season series sweep against their division rivals the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park.  The Phillies offense has only been able to generate only two runs in two games of this weekend series so far.  The Phillies offense needs to wake up and start to generate some runs for their starting pitching rotation.

     The Philadelphia Phillies in Sunday's game plan on changing the starting lineup around to try something different and hopefully generate some kind of offense.  Ty Wigginton will be at third base, Laynce Nix will be at first base, and Pete Orr will be at second base.  Just a little different look to the Phillies lineup to just try something different, maybe these three can generate some energy on this team.  Charlie Manuel  is just trying to try any combination right now that could possibly get this offense and this team going right now.  The offense just has been very quite thus far in the 2012 season.

     Cole Hamels will be on the mound for the Phillies in Sunday afternoon's game as they try to take the rubber game of this series and also figure out their offense difficulties right now.  The concern is starting to begin and there are signs pointing that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard really did protect and cover up Charlie Manuel's weaknesses as a manager.

     Charlie needs to make adjustments and right now to his managing because it is appearing that he is having a hard time with making adjustments and adapting to certain situations in a game.  Is the free ride over for Charlie Manuel? Is Charlie right now really being exposed as a bad manager right now?

     The team needs to play better fundamental and small ball baseball and score runs.  Whose shoulders does this fall on? It will eventually fall on the manager and for him to make some kind of adjustments because you can not get rid of the entire team.  Is he being protected by the organization because he is without two of his most productive offensive players?  Either way the team needs to generate and score runs and that is the bottom line.