In the new world, things move at a mile a minute, scratch that, second. It's the light speed age. The age of great technology.

When it use to be that yesterday's news was today's history, it's now an hour ago's news is this instants history.

College football is a world of tradition. We gather inside of stadiums to watch the modern gladiator take to the field of battle. We could sit at home, in-front of our large HD TV's, an infinitely better seat with cheaper food and easier rest-room accommodations, but we don't. 

We gather to watch the rivalries our grandfathers watched. We sing songs about games long past and some heroes that aren't even among the living.

College football athletes are immortalized in the minds of countless fans. 

But here we are, in the new world of technology, loving a game full of tradition.

And I say, isn't this a great part of the game?

A world were I, a fan, read the Tweets of future heroes and reach out to them as a fan.

One of my favorite Twitter feeds has to be that of Nyles Morgan, the consensus four-star Linebacker from Illinois who knows better then most how to use this new technology.

Fans clamor to tell him what an asset he would be to a team, and in return he shows them great respect by re-tweeting their words. He has learned not only what it mean to be a great athlete, but also a great promoter.

So fans continue to follow and pursue him, and whatever team winds up with his great prowess will be awarded with not only a field warrior, but a champion of the fan. And that's what college football is all about.

It's only about the team as much as those who live and breathe the game. Without us, the hero doesn't exist. Without him, the cause does not exist.

Fans are now as much of the team as the Inside Linebacker. They are the voice. The face. They welcome these players into a family stronger and older then most in this country. A family that does not lose it's roots. A family that only continues to grow.

And in this age of technology the power only becomes greater.

As the power of the fans grow, so does the power of the hero.

Rejoice, college football fans. Our tradition is not diminishing. It only grows. And will continue to do so.

Untill next time,

Stay tuned to and of course...