There are certain things in life that are a given.  Death, Taxes, and NBA officiating being ridiculously awful.  I know what some people may say, "Mike, it's only preseason" but that's not the point.  What if one of our favorite players gets hurt, or even worse injured in one of these games due to idiotic officiating?? 

In the Celtics October 13th game versus the Knicks we saw exactly how moronic Stern's robots can really be.  After a play in which Jermaine O' Neal was called for a foul(which after replays showed it was a legit call) he went over to ref Zach Zarba to ask what the call was.  He was not loud, rude, or demonstrative whatsoever.  After about 5 seconds, JO was hit with a technical from Zarba.  Seeing how quick this ref was willing to "pull the trigger" JO walked away.

Immediately after this happened Kevin Garnett asked another ref, Kane Fitzgerald, what the technical on JO was for.  KG was hit with a technical for having the audacity to politely question a ref.  After Fitzpatrick walked away, KG stood there at midcourt with a smile and a look of stunned amazement at what had just transpired.  As he asked out loud to no one in particular "Are You Serious?" Fitzpatick felt like KG must have dissed his mother because he called a 2nd technical on KG and he was gone.  Maybe I'm in the minority here but last time I checked there were no ref jerseys being sold anywhere.  No fans ever show up to games with signs saying "MARRY ME ZARBA" or "I WANNA BE LIKE BAVETTA." 

And just to prove my hatred for the refs last night wasn't as green tinted as normal, Knicks Russian center Timofey Mozgov was called for a foul in the 1st half when he was about 3 feet away from the play.(Replays showed it was in fact Amare Stoudamire and Wilson Chandler that committed said foul)  Mozgov, who speaks little to no English, was given a technical for who knows what.  He didn't say anything out of order.  Maybe the refs forgot the Cold War ended years ago??

Basically what Stern has done is ignored the biggest problem with the NBA, his refs.  I'd love to know specifically who he surveyed to find out who said they would like the refs to have ultimate power.  I'd be willing to bet they either wear suits and work at a certain office in New York or their last names are Bavetta, Crawford, Kennedy, etc.

If he thinks the fans will let this continue he's sorely mistaken.  Does he really want us to believe this treatment will be fair and impartial??  Does he really want us to believe that his refs will eject the NBA's biggest crybabies such as Lebron, Kobe, Howard, Bosh, Wade, Amare, and every other star the NBA over markets??  If Stern thinks we're all that stupid then he's lost all touch with reality. 

The only way the officiating in the NBA ever gets better is to get rid of David Stern.  Until that day happens, teams that don't have the protected few won't stand a chance.  Want more proof??  Go watch Game 7 of last year's NBA Finals again.  Go watch the bullshit calls the refs GAVE the Lakers in the 4th quarter of that game.  In a game where there were only 27 TOTAL FREE THROWS through the first three quarters, somehow the Lakers magically got 21 free throw attempts to the Celtics 6 in the the quarter.  The Lakers were held to 33% shooting in that game and their #1 rapist, Kobe, shot 6 for 24 but somehow managed to get to the line 15 times alone.

All I can say is thank Christ Rasheed Wallace retired and Kendrick Perkins won't be back til after he All Star Game.  If they were still here, they would have to hand their salaries over from the get go to cover all of their fines.

In closing, I guess the best way to describe how I really feel is to pay homage to the one man on earth I would defer to when it comes to ref bashing...Tommy Heinsohn.  THESE GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!