Hello Cantonia and welcome to your favorite Wednesday afternoon column. This is the Midweek Breakdown and I am your esteemed host, Cody Dodson. Today, in typical Cody fashion, I have a few items I‘d like to discuss. I’ve been thinking about these few things for a little while and I discovered a common theme between them (or at least one I invented for consistency’s sake). They are all things where my opinion is NOT the norm. Or it may be, and I’m just trying to think of a good opening. Actually, you might easily agree with some of this. Forget the opening. Just click and read the damn column already.<!--more-->The Miz is NOT an afterthoughtThe more opinions I read about The Miz, the more intrigued I become about what they’re going to do with him. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that he is in the WWE doghouse and that he’s not going to be a part of WrestleMania at all. Some are even saying that he is going to be released during WWE spring cleaning. No disrespect to anybody’s opinion, but I think these thoughts are a bit extreme and borderline absurd. I’d be willing to bet you at least 37 cents that The Miz still has several years of employment in front of him, and probably another title reign as well. In recent years, the WWE hasn’t turned a Superstar’s losing streak into an angle if they have the intention of releasing them. They just quietly job them out and then send them on their merry way. Think back to the MVP losing streak. That’s an example of a losing streak that was made into a storyline. What happened? He ended up turning face and was employed for the company for about two more years. Is that what’s going to happen with The Miz? I don’t know for sure what their plan is. I sure as Hell wouldn’t be surprised if he turned face. The biggest problem with The Miz right now is that his character is as stale as the bread in my pantry. I’m on a low carb diet, it’s not at all because I’m lazy and I think the grocery store is a wasteland and place of general confusion and fear. The Miz just needs to be repackaged, and I strongly believe that this losing streak is part of that. The role that WWE supposedly has planned for him at Mania might be the beginning of it all. Time will tell, but I can tell you this much: The WWE has plans for Mike Mizanin, so we can stop calling him an afterthought.Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show is NOT a bad feudAs you might be able to tell, I read a lot of other people’s opinions on the WWE. These opinions range from whole columns to just browsing a forum to see some more concise thoughts of the fans. I keep seeing negative comments about the Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania. I’m not entirely sure why. While it’s not a match I would normally get excited about and think it’s going to be a four-star affair, I’ve quite enjoyed the feud thus far. Cody Rhodes has been on point and so has the WWE video production team. The Big Show WrestleMania videos have been phenomenal and the mic time that Rhodes has gotten has been well worth it. This week, we saw things get taken up a notch as Rhodes got the chance to physically dominate the big guy, as well as outsmart him. The boxing gloves were a nice touch as it not only played to Big Show’s WrestleMania past, which is what this feud is all about, but it allowed Rhodes the chance to just wail on Big Show without worry of busting him open. Cody Rhodes has played the part of the heel perfectly while Big Show has had to just deal with the continued abuse. By the time Mania rolls around, fans should be chomping at the bit to see Show get his hands on Cody Rhodes. That’s how you know a feud has been built up well. In addition to all of this, I’m actually starting to get excited about the match because I think it’s an opportunity for Rhodes to prove himself by putting on a good performance against an opponent that isn’t easy to have great matches with. This feud has been a pleasant surprise and they have made me look forward to the match. Job well done! On the flip side…Randy Orton vs. Kane is NOT interesting to me at all  This feud has just not come together that well. It started out by what felt like the two guys attacking each other randomly, which is usually a clear sign of a throwaway feud. They finally gave a reason for it last Friday on Smackdown when Kane showed some footage of himself shaking Orton’s hand and talked about how he had became a shell of the monster that he used to be and some other boring crap. I was glad they gave a reason to it and attempted to make it personal in some way, but the whole segment reeked of “Oh hey we don’t have a reason for this random feud we created because we don’t have anything better for either guy HEY LOOK SOME OLD VIDEO!” Maybe I’m nitpicking in wanting something more substantial. After all, not every feud is going to be golden. But this is WrestleMania season, and this is a feud involving one of the top faces on the entire roster. It should be better than this. Then came Monday’s Raw Supershow, where we saw one of the most pointless segments in recent memory. I don’t know if they were going for a throwback vibe when they had Josh Matthews interview Orton on a platform near the entrance ramp. I think it’s more likely they just wanted the crowd to pop for seeing Orton live in the arena. Orton came out and discussed… how his name was Randy Orton. That seemed like about all he talked about, as well as being nice enough to recap why Kane is after him. When I first saw the platform, I thought maybe Kane would come out and chokeslam him off of it. That would have been infinitely more entertaining. I know I said I wanted more than just random attacks, but this is not the way to hype a match involving one of your biggest faces at the biggest show of the year. It’s just not an interesting feud whatsoever. The match itself might be okay, though.The WWE has NOT been smart about their wrestlers’ health recentlyI was not happy to see John Cena take on Mark Henry on Monday. It was just dangerous to the health of both men. Regardless of whether or not John Cena said he was okay and the doctors said he was okay and all that jazz, the man was still in a car accident earlier that same day. Yes, he was medically cleared. Did that mean they had to have him wrestle? Not at all. It would have been safer to just give him the week off from in-ring competition. Injuries and after-effects aren’t always visible as soon as possible. At a time where your biggest show of the year is coming up, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the guy in the main event. Also, we’re talking about Mark Henry here. Cena is a strong guy, but Mark Henry is a big guy. Lifting a 400 pound man seems like a good thing for an accident victim to do, doesn’t it? Speaking of Henry, the WWE is guilty of not being careful with his injuries as well. It seems like they’ve been urging him to just push through the pain, as evidenced by the fact that he never really took any time off from television. I know they’ve been protecting him to some degree, but this was a one-on-one match. I don’t know everything about how WWE works, but having either man wrestle a one-on-one match on Monday just didn’t seem like a good idea.There you have it, folks. A bunch of stuff tied together by the word NOT, as I so generously promised. Okay, so the theme wasn’t great, but I wanted to share my thoughts on all of these subjects. What do you think about the things I’ve discussed? The Miz is going somewhere after WrestleMania, is he going up the card or is he going to work at Outback Steakhouse? What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes and Big Show? How about Randy Orton and Kane? Sound off in the comments, or feel free to email me. Follow me on Twitter too, and you’ll be graced with a random tweet or two when I’m drunk. As always, thanks for reading.Cody D.[email protected]www.twitter.com/thegreatcody