Goggles has been used for some time, anti-fogging effect, reached out, I want to sum up of the following four main categories friends tour defogging method:
(A) the aerosol------professional
Special spray coating on the cheap ray bans lenses, can prevent fog, but fog cannot be coated evenly!! After the coating has a lot of brush marks to inhalations, glasses been not clear, but it could prevent a fog.
(Ii) Washing Ling \ bath \ shampoo-------life form
a washed spirit too much, especially the first time, gently smudge finger belly mirror, 5 minutes. Both positive and negative. Washed. Repeat once. To achieve the mirror-no bubble water level. Look, bright and clean as new! Having to wash Ling tried to rinse completely clean. Anti-fogging effect is very good! Each time you run out, all in the wash spirit, old fresh calendar! 啊..... Cool world is back!
B each finished swimming, washing detergent a few drops, drops on the lens, over gently with a finger. Wait until time to go swimming, with clear water to rinse it. Must flush the cleaner, or you'll kill your eyes. (Be careful not to wipe hard with your hand, or you will scratch the lens. Trouble than the fog)
C try with a shower the size of a grain of mung liquid or shampoo clean the face in the mirror, and then flush with water. Goggle became step. But usually swim Dai sunglasses adjusting the elastic; do not swim in a circle back to remove goggles, to be wearing.
D each finished swimming, washing detergent a few drops, drops on the lens, over Scrub gently with a washcloth or facial sponge, again with clear water to rinse it. Some prominent clean or cause irritation to the eyes. 3-7 of the day
E there is a good way, with Johnson BB shower gel, at each end of the ray ban outlet swimming goggles slightly inside and wash well, definitely not the second time mist
C) contact lens cleaning solution------intellectuals
A if there are conditions, and after each swim home, contact lens care solution, drop a few drops. The lens up until then when launching, with water. On the line. This is way better than the first. Not to hurt the eyes, but ordinary people do not prepare such maintenance fluids. If not expensive, optical shop and buy a bottle.
D) saliva------eight-way
A need not be so complicated, with the tongue added click on OK
B before each launching, with his tongue licking over lens, and water wash it again. Can fog for more than an hour.
C whenever the lenses fog, just take it off the mirror, on each of the lenses on the spit a mouthful of saliva, and then using your fingers, gently wipe, water erosion. And then put on ray ban wayfarer sunglasses. Eyes clear immediately.