Is it true that Jesus appears on different places that have been documented? This is one of the questions being asked by so many people whether Christians or non-Christians and some people do believe while others will never believe until He appears to them. Others say that they are people made up stories and nothing like these sightings of Jesus exist.

Nobody really knows whether these appearances are true as people argue differently. Some say that the appearances that have been documented are just mere human thoughts especially those who have been praying for so many years to see Jesus. If you think of seeing something for so long and you have a clear image of how that thing appears then you can form images that resembles it.

The second appearance of Christ is on a water-stained curtain. There are clear pictures on the Internet showing the images of Him on this one: maybe He was passing some information to the curtain owner to wash the curtain due to some stains on it. Nobody really ever understands these appearances but people believe that there are certain messages associated with them, which needs some serious human attention.

Other people argue that these appearances are true as they are ways of Christ reminding his followers of what they should be doing or to correct their mistakes on what they are not doing right. This therefore calls for in-depth findings on what the various appearances mean and if Christ was communicating some messages, then there needs to be a research to find out what exactly it was He wanted passed to people. It is however difficult to understand what some of these images mean but different people have come up with different explanations, which tries to analyze them deeply.

Another amazing and strange occurrence was reported by a thirty four year old British plumber who found Christ on his naan bread in the India dining restaurant in England. The thirty four year old explained to people what he had seen and even took pictures of the appearance of the image that he saw. Some of those who looked at the pictures believed while others did not.

This issue has raised many debates as people with little faith and non-Christians exist in every society. These groups of people can joke with the name of Christ as they know not much about Him. Others especially false prophets and pastors use these appearances to frighten people about the second coming of Jesus.

Nobody can give a conclusive report on these sightings but the most important thing for all Christians to always remember is that Jesus exists everywhere and He appears to people in different ways. No person knows how He will appear to him or her. However, He does appear to them and He can appear to you if you trust in Him and have faith in Him.

The sudden sightings of Jesus should not scare anyone. This should in addition, should not be something Christians are going to debate on. The most important thing is for them to believe in Christ and do all that pleases Him at all times and they will see His powers in their lives.


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