The Marriage Between Belichick And New England Patriots
       Making his fortune on packing and toilet paper, Kraft has been a loyal fan of hometown club Patriots. In 1994, with the commitment to the fans that he would, in the future, make the team capable of getting the Super Bowl in their pocket, he purchased the team from the previous team owner at a cost of $175 million. After the first two years’ adaptation to Bill Parcells, who was the coach then, he was wise enough to find Bill Parcells was not the right one for his team since Bill was too aggressive. Therefore, he put an end to their “marriage”. As cheap authentic jerseys news.
       However, he was impressed by Parcells No.1 assistant---Bill Belichick who was shining with his outstanding work ability, gentle and mild character. Even though Kraft lost trust in Parcells, he still thought highly of Belichick and remained good relationship with him. When Parcells and Belichick left for New York Jets in 1996, Kraft declared there was much chance that he might work with Belichick in the future.
       On January 3rd 2003, Parcells handed in his resignation letter to Jets and according to the previous item in the "additional clause", Belichick was automatically promoted to as the next manager of Jets. Accidentally, on the same day, Patriots fired the contemporary Pete Carroll who is the coach of Seattle Seahawks. On the following day, Belichick resigned and this coincidence made that January 4 the most embarrassing moment in Jet’s history. As is known to all, the coach duration of Belichick has been the shortest one ever in record---only 1 day. Perhaps, without Kraft’s warm invitation and his perseverance, Jets could have escaped from that disaster.From NFL Wholesale Jerseys news.
       Getting full authorization from Kraft, that is, working as both coach and manager, Belichick headed to join the team without any hesitation even though he could get was only a bottom club in the 90s performance. He, encouraged by full trust, took off, making Patriots one of the hottest teams in NFL in the past decade; Kraft, getting assistance from such a talented man, focused on business related to the team. Thus, wonderful performance and proper management enabled the team to stay in the center of NFL. Under the unpleasant cooperation, the team sold out every single home game and even the franchised goods were over-demanded.
      At present, there are just three manager (Andy Reid and Mike Shanahan) serving as both general manager and coach. Belichick is the only one in the past ten years who led his team to get Super Bowl champion team as a double-indentified person. This is a jealousy achievement to any coach or manager in NFL. Belichick has been praised for the important role he has played in the team, especially his mining and cultivating of the quarterback, Tom Brady.Wholesale Jerseys supply reported 
       In 2000’s draft, Brady was nearly forced to go home before he was taken at the 199 rank in the 6th round. Belichick has already had three powerful quarterbacks besides Drew Bledsoe in his camp. However, as a person who could foresee the potential risk in the future, he payed much attention to the cultivation of Brady who, in the university, known as a standard "pocket type" quarterback for he noticed the risk of decline on Bledsoe’s state. 
       Hard selecting a player is, harder training him could be. Leaving him at an indifferent position, seeing his reaction and deciding what his future would be like. Not everyone could bear the sense of being ignored. But Brady is an exception. With a similar experience in the University of Michigan, Brady owned a docile personality and did not rush to show power. In stead, careful, he looked ask for consultant from his coach and teammate. As Cheap Jerseys Wholesale saidWhen other quarterback left because of wound and injury, Belichick moved Brady to the center and the Patriot Dynasty was born immediately. In four years, they won the honor of Super Bowl three times, making themselves become the model of other teams.
       Admittedly, no one can sail smooth all the time. After the heyday in the first few seasons, in recent years, Patriots tasted failure for three times on the field of the Super Bowl. Belichick has also have under the public pressure because of "wiretap door" event while Brady has been seriously injuries, cause by small setbacks. But the boss Kraft firmly and consistently supports them, expressing several times that this teacher and his pupil, for a long time in the future, is still the cornerstone of the team. Although they didn't win the super bowl, we always believe that Patriots, with Belichick and Brady, would go further.All news from Cheap Wholesale Jerseys.