The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightng made a minor league move today with Alex Berry and Stefano Giliati of the Toronto Marlies going to the Sunshine State while the Lightning send bruising  defense man Matt Lashoff to Toronto.

While losing prospects has not been the norm for the Leafs as of late, this latest deal may be a pre-cursing to something much bigger.

With both Berry and Giliati headed out of town it frees up one more contract spot that Brian Burke can fill with perhaps another forward.

Neither Alex Berry nor Stefano Giliati have much hope of sticking in the NHL whereas Matt Lahoff has significant up side according to most sources.

According to HF, Lashoff has the potential to become a terrific puck moving defense mand and two way player.

The Question on most Leafs fans minds is why would Burke be trading for more defens when it seems so clear that the only pressing need facing the club is offense.

The answer is simplpe really, there are a number of clubs out there who are in the exact opposite position that the Toronto Maple Leafs are and will be more than happy to relieve Brian Burke of a couple of quality deffensive prospects like Lashoff and Aullie.

Don't expect Lashoff to remain a Leaf long either way, he is on a one way contract for next season and comes with a cap hit of $555,000.

This is certainly not to say there is an impending deal on the horizon for either player, but Brian Burke doesnèt usually make a deal just for the sake of doing so.

Until next time, just BELEAF!