Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi is crediting with founding the Kiyonna Clothing company in 1996. This brand designs stylish clothes for women who are plus size. Kiyonna dresses and various separates can be purchased online or at several boutiques. The need for plus-size fashion is growing, as the majority of American women are not a size 14 or bigger. This company is dedicated to delivering fashionable and wearable clothing that is flattering to women of all shapes and sizes.

There are a variety of styles available through the company, most of which are on trend with the fashion world. Shoppers can decide between wrap, black, cocktail, maxi or lace styles. With up to 45 options in each of these categories, there are many options to select from.

Clothing listed on the website includes textual information including reviews, product details, style and tips. Some of the items are available in more than one color. Multiple photos of the dress on models and a size chart can help shoppers identify the fit and ensure that the product would fit with their style and body shape. Prices for these items will differ and some may be available at a discounted price.

The little black dress is a classic and a closet essential for many women. It is versatile and can be dressed casual or formal. This brand sells a wide selection of black dresses that are available in sizes 0x-5x. Most of the designs fit below the knee and includes lace or other small details. In selecting a piece, look for an item that fits with your overall style and will be complementary to your body. General speaking, black clothing is considered slimming.

Nearly 50 cocktail dresses are sold through the official website. Both classic and modern styles can be purchased. Some women may prefer a fun print and others might stick with a solid color. Wrap styles are popular on the site and some feature lace, scalloped or ruched detailing. Most of these styles come in dark tones of green, black, blue or red.

Maxis dresses are comfortable and convenient for most women. These frocks graze the floor and have a certain elegance to them. Whether they have sleeves or are sleeveless, these dresses can be worn for almost any occasion. The brand also sells these styles in plus sizes.

A lot of the Kiyonna styles of dress are wrap or lace. The wrap style is preferred because the jersey knit fabric does not hug, but grazes, the curves. This creates a flattering silhouette without compromising comfort. Lace styles speak to the lovers of feminine styles.

Kiyonna is a brand that aims to offer sophisticated fashion for women with curves. Since its 1996 inception, the brand has developed a strong following and is popular in the world of plus-size clothing. Designs available will range in style, color and size. Most of the pieces are designed to be modern but still hold with the classic feminine nature. The online website has hundreds of Kiyonna dresses in stock, as well as accessories and other clothing items. Hundreds of boutiques sell this brand as well. The concept behind this company is to offer fashion-forward clothing options for females with naturally curvy physiques.

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