In most developed countries the state of educational institutions has become a great cause for concern. In many cases both pupils and educators seem to lack discipline and dedication. Some institutions struggle with drugs and even violence. Experts warn that the main cause of this state of affairs is the fact that school leadership standards have drastically diminished and that the problems will continue until the matter is addressed.

There is most certainly a great need for formal programs aiming at developing young leaders. Teachers, too, will most certainly benefit from such programs. By learning how to lead pupils will become more responsible and they will act as a catalyst for encouraging other learners to strive towards better results and to become responsible individuals. Leaders can play a huge role in solving the problems currently experienced.

It is important to design programs that accept the fact that leaders are not born but that the skills and techniques that are necessary can be learned and cultivated. Prospective leaders must be taught that they have to be extraordinary followers first. A leader is only a leader in specific circumstances and anybody that refuses to relinquish that role when necessary can never be an effective leader.

Budding leaders should be taught that they are servants, not kings. True leaders place the aims and aspirations of his followers above everything else and they always act for the common good. This means that leaders have to learn to sometime sacrifice their own goals and aspirations. It is therefore necessary to be a good follower first and to develop a desire to act in the interest of the group at all times.

Just as leaders are not always naturally born that way they are also not necessarily born with the characteristics typical of effective leaders. Many psychological studies have shown that people are perfectly able to learn new characteristics and to shed harmful or destructive traits. A good development program should therefore encourage the students to work on the development of desirable characteristics.

Children can benefit from these programs at a very young age. It would be a grave error to think that youngsters know nothing about the subject. From a very early stage there are some youngsters that assume the role of leader in games, for example. The younger a person learns how to be a leader the better. In this way they learn responsibility early in their lives.

These programs are important to the balanced development of young people and great care should be taken in selecting the most appropriate one. A good program should be accredited with acknowledged educational institutions and the proprietors should be willing to provide valid references. It is also important to make sure that the selected program is suitable for the age group for which it is intended.

In order to raise school leadership standards it is vital to develop young people. There are excellent programs available and the cost involved is normally worth every penny. Young people benefit greatly because they develop as individuals, their sense of self worth is raised and the example set for other youngsters will prove to be beneficial to the educational institution.

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