The Lakers don’t have a lot of things working in their favor right now. Dwight Howard is averaging a double-double but he’s shooting 47% from the free throw line. Kobe is leading the league in PPG with 28 points but his field goal percentage is 47%. No Steve Nash. No Pau Gasol. And Chris Duhon and Antwan Jamison have started the past three games. Not the typical start to a Lakers season, I know.

The only silver lining is the original starting five haven’t played one game together where they were all healthy.

Will that ever happen? Maybe not.  This team is old and we know they have a maximum of 3 years to win a championship. Under new coach Mike D’Antoni the Lakers are still not getting it together, and last night’s game against the Utah Jazz exposed them once again. Lakers’ made too many careless turnovers last night but I feel this stat will fall when Steve Nash returns to the line-up.  

Lakers have a ton of things they need to work on but their attitude isn’t one of them. They remain optimistic and believe they haven’t reached their full potential yet, which is true. After the All-Star break is when they will ultimately be judged by fans and critics but right now they’re still learning how to play with each other.

Mike D’Antoni talked about how the Lakers haven’t had a “gut-check” moment yet.  If losing seven out of 11 games doesn’t wake them up then I don’t know what will.

This quote sums up the Lakers performance yesterday and the past few games they’ve lost.

”They did it to themselves,” Millsap said of the 9-12 Lakers. ”Our defense was pretty good, but they had no ball movement and that made it easier on us just to try to load up, keep them out of the paint and let them fire up some 3s.”

Lakers have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot each game they lose but some things will never change. Kobe will continue to shoot over 20 shots a game, Dwight will miss free throws, and Pau knees won’t get better. There is hope; Nash will be back, which is someone the Lakers need back is badly! However, if they can’t stop making the game easy for their opponents this will be a long season.