Vitali and Wladamir Klitschko, the two Ukrainian heavyweights, Wladamir the IBO, IBF and WBO world champion. His Older brother Vitali the WBC world champion. The brothers have been quoted saying that it is only a matter of time until they unify the WBA title which is currently held by David Haye.
But at the moment the two brothers are fighting bums, has beens and boxers just looking for a pay day. Who wants to see them fighting Shannon Briggs and that is because the heavyweight division is currently the worst division in boxing.
They need to set their sites on David Haye and they need to agree to split the money 50-50, the Klitschko's keep 100 percent of the German TV money and David Haye keep 100 percent of the UK TV money, the rest split 50-50. Haye claims that the Klitschko's refused the 50-50 split. The bottom line is this fight needs to happen in 2011 for the sake of the heavyweight division both party's can't keep ducking and diving eachother.
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