"There has been a trade. The Cleveland Browns have traded their pick to the jets. With the fifth pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, The New York Jets select Mark Sanchez, quarterback, USC." This was once a statement by Comissioner Goodell. The Jets selected Mark to lift their franchise up to the next level. This meaning entering the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl. Although the Jets have made the playoffs twice with Mark, it was mainly on the spectacular play by the Jets defense. Now that the Jets defense is declining, this is where Sanchez will be tested. Mike Tannenbaum repeatedly states that Sanchez is his quarterback. Mark is a great player, but he isn't getting much help What would Matt Stafford be without Calvin Johnson? What would Eli Manning be without Hakeem or Cruz? This list can go on forever. I have never seen a team put so much pressure on a quarterback like the Jets. You bring in Tebow, you had the worst offensive coordinator last year, receivers that lost hope, and everyone blames it on Mark. There is more to blame than Sanchez. He played great with Braylon in 2010. Santonio is a pretty good player, but you can never predict whether he's going to have an attitude and give up, or if he's going to play through like all of the other high paid receivers do. This was a great offseason to get some weapons for Sanchez. Robert Meachem was available, Mario Manningham, etc. Mike Tannenbaum failed to give Sanchez the proper elements he needs to succeed. The Jets don't even look like they are after a reciever. If anything the best they can get as an injured Braylon Edwards, or an old Terrell Owens. The bottom line is, if you want your quarterback to succeed and take a step forward, your job in the front office is to help him along the way by getting him talented receivers.