Many people talk about Mark Sanchez needing to improve through his experience,

in order for the Jets to move on past the AFC Championship Game.

 Mark worked very hard during the offseason/ lockout to get playing,

to get better, and to unite this Jets Offense. He held practices at his

old high school with the players.

He also stayed connected with the whole team. This is probably why

Rex, Schottenheimer, and the offensive coaches named Mark one of the two offensive captains.

He has showed a lot of leadership lately toward this Jets football team.

As he gets older, this leadership will benefit him as a quarterback.

The main benefit of his leadership is being on the same page with his receivers.

The Jets D has been solid for the last couple of years, and its about time that

the passing game improves to a higher level. The Jets have the weapons in Santonio,

Plax, and Derrick Mason. If Mark has improved his mechanics, worked successfully with

his receivers, and developed as a quarterback in this league, this can be a breakout year for the

twenty-four year old, out of the University of South California.