(1869-1921) was born prequel
American football originated in English football (soccer) and rugby (rugby), can be traced back to a November 1869 between Rutgers University (Rutgers University) and Princeton University (Princeton University) game. In 1876, the first American football rules formulated under the auspices of the Yale University Walter Kemp (Walter Camp), Kemp was later known as the father of American football.

Popular among college students favorite American football gradually spread to civil, professional football movement began to grow. 1899 Chicago, Shinan District set up a team, several changes to become the Arizona Cardinals (Arizona Cardinals). This is the oldest existing NFL team.

In 1920, the American Professional Football League IAPFO established in Canton. In the same year, the Union changed its name to American Professional Football Association (APFA). Loose organization of the early days of the AFPA, mismanagement, and a lot of teams set up soon disbanded. 1921, AFPA reorganization the Association designated Union statutes and rules, the functioning of association is the first step towards regularization.

The birth of the early (1922-1945)
June 24, 1922 was a landmark day in the history of American professional football. On this day, AFPA officially changed its name to the National Football Alliance (NFL). NFL make every effort to 80 years to finally developed into the first professional sports league. Many NFL historians in 1922 as the starting year of the NFL, but also some of its predecessor, the AFPA was established in 1920 as the starting year.

1922 - 1945 is the the NFL most difficult entrepreneurial period. Small market fans, the competitive level is not high, the team financial crisis, coupled with the impact of the Second World War in the early 1940s, the period of the NFL can say is both internal and external, precarious. However, in 1927, NFL a drawdown teams method, good players concentrated several operations than the success of the team, and the center of gravity from the Midwest to the economically developed eastern Union economic conditions improve. 1939 NFL first live television. At this point, the NFL football market, began to take shape. The end of World War II in 1945, NFL began to settle down, but more intense competition are waiting for them.

The tragic competition (1946-1966)
Shape of the NFL, the management and the maturing of the technical level, are beginning to see the extra cash for development prospects, the NFL's competitors are also eager to take a slice. 20 years between 1946 to 1966, NFL encountered two powerful challenges. A strong rival in 1946, that the National Football League, referred to as the AAFC. But the AAFC soon appear operational problems like crumbling. The following year, the NFL will be mergers and AAFC. The integration fundamentally conducive to the development of professional football, professional football began to steady development. At the same time, unlimited substitutions rules formally implemented, the attack and the defense began to tend to a finer division of labor, precision coordination. Professional football technical and tactical perfect day. This year many historians as a watershed in the modern NFL.

In 1959, the second powerful competitors surfaced, referred to as the United States Football League (American Football League), referred to the AFL. AFL desire again to carve up the professional football market has bigger piece of cake. The seven-team AFL a ball is not broke, got the ABC's five-year television contract. In 1964, the two leagues compete for the broadcast market battle intensified, broadcast contract amount is also rising, which makes the sharp increase in the influence of professional football. In the same year, 41% of the sports fans of professional football chosen as the favorite sport sports findings, and also to make the football first basketball over previously ranked first (38%). Become the leader of a group of American professional sports.

June 8, 1966, the NFL announced a plan and timetable of the two leagues merged, the name still used in the NFL, and decided in January 1967 held its first NFL championship and the AFL championship match, and jointly held the draft. Scheduled in 1970 and formally unified the regular season to 28 teams, divided into two federations. October 21, Congress approved the merger of the NFL and AFL, CBS and NBC immediately purchased a $ 9.5 million four-year broadcast rights of the two League Championship Tournament. The Football League is more powerful and influential, has become a rising giant in American professional sports.

Lay the throne (1967-1987)
After the merger of the NFL and AFL professional football into the Super Bowl era. College football and the NFL has been unable to compete, and instead become a pool of fresh blood to the NFL. The NFL market also gradually expanded. Televised sports sponsorship contracts come to come to the ball game ratings record highs, the football market no longer a strong contender. The NFL has also developed a strategy for the promotion of football to the world.

In 1967, the Kansas City Chiefs owner Hunt at home occasionally crossed when her daughter's toy Super Ball (Super Ball) had an idea proposed game named Super Bowl (Super Bowl). From the 1969 third in the championship match of the NFL and AFL, NFL officially opened the "Super Bowl" name and identification number of Roman numerals. 1969 Super Bowl, known as the Super Bowl, and so later.

In 1970, the NFL and AFL officially merged. NFLl6 teams have three teams assigned to only 10 Detachment of the AFL, including horses Fort IS HEREBY Steelers, Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns. NFL and AFL restructuring after two Federation: National Federation (NFC) and the American Federation (AFC), each 13 Detachment Federation. The NFL also decided to pick out a most talked about in the weekly regular season game broadcast to the nation on Monday night, called the Monday night game (Monday Night Football), referred to as the MNF.

Overseas promotion (1988 - present)
The labor dispute is resolved, the NFL development is essentially smooth sailing, ratings and broadcast contracts rising. The dominance of American professional sports. NFL began to look high-level far you want American football to the world, to develop a broader market base for the development of the NFL.