In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts power through technical difficulties and begin by breaking down the Jets loss to the Titans.  We discuss a coaching concept Geno Smith should take to heart: Finishing the play!  I give two examples where Geno fails to finish the play.  It’s a game the defense gave the team a chance to win, especially after Jake Locker went down with the hip injury after a hit by DL Mo Wilkerson and LB Quinton Coples.  We talk about Geno getting up off the proverbial mat and throwing a late TD to TE Jeff Cumberland.  The 32 yard TD catch is his only reception of the game, while Kellen Winslow Jr. led the Jets with 6 catches and 73 yards.  JG and I discuss Geno Smith’s ability to rebound from a mistake, and that allows him to lead a group of men.      


In What Jets Said, Rex Ryan wants to see fewer turnovers from his QB, and fewer penalties from his football team.  We compare the rookie QB to the last rookie starting QB to wear Green and White.  We get into comments from Mo Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, as they both appeal the fine from the NFL on the hit that landed Jake Locker on the trainer’s table.  He’ll miss a few games as his hip heals, but even Jake Locker thought the hit was a part of the game.  No flag was thrown on the play.  We go back and forth on this controversial play.  Stephen Hill will miss the game against the Falcons.  We talk about the hit that will keep Hill from suiting up Monday.  We even get into safety and the NFL, referencing a past interview with Dr. Steven Novicky of ShockStrip, and the benefits on their product.


In Rumors, Roster & The Rest, we ask the question: Is Geno Smith’s starting job in question?  Could a Matt Simms or Brady Quinn make a start for the New York Jets?  We debunk those baseless rumors and move forward with the show.   Experience is valuable, and Geno Smith is getting the best on-the-job training you can get in the NFL.  Note to QBs running the football: GET DOWN… OR GET OUT!!  Hacking the NYJ for us is our player-expert Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).  This week, we get into Jets versus Falcons.  He gives his take on QB Matt Ryan and his great season, plus Julio Jones, who is one of the NFL leaders in catches and yards.  Dee Milliner out, and Tony Gonzalez coming off a great game in a loss to the Patriots, the Falcons have an advantage in the skill positions.  Nolan gives the Jets a few keys to victory against the Falcons, and lists some weaknesses in the Atlanta attack.  The Jets won’t see Stephen Jackson on the field, but Santonio Holmes won’t play for the Jets, while Mike Goodson should make his debut.  His presence should add a punch from the backfield.  Nolan reasserts his earlier take on Geno Smith being the best choice at QB right now for the Jets.  We recount some plays were Geno shows he has what it takes, and some where he still has some learning to do.  We run through all that and more… in this week’s edition of Hackin’ the NYJ.


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) joins us in this week’s edition of The Rest Report, where she updates us on the other teams in the AFC East.  First up, we continue tracking the Buffalo Bills and their explosive LB Kiko Alonso.  New England has a chance to go 5-0, we ask Lauren about their chances at remaining undefeated.  We talk about the Miami Dolphins and their first loss of the season against the New Orleans Saints.  Before we let Lauren go, we hit her with another Extra Point question, which she handles exceptionally well (as always) in this week’s edition of The Rest Report with Lauren Beasley.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Congratulations to Jinx Grand, as he’ll be interviewing young Jets fans at MetLife Stadium for the New York Jets!!  Look for him on the jumbotron!!


In the Great Debate, we start with a look at this week’s Thursday Night game.  The Cleveland Browns survived losing their starter, and took down the Buffalo Bills 37-24.  Both teams lose their starters, but get valiant performances by their stand-ins.  Josh Freeman has been released from Tampa Bay, could he land at one of these two teams?  We toss that one around.  Maybe a change of scenery is all Freeman needs to reinvigorate himself, and have him look something like the QB we all thought he could be.


As the debates continue, we give our take on the NBA suspending Brooklyn Nets Coach Jason Kidd for the first two games of the NBA season as he plead guilty to a DUI.  The incident occurred before the start of last season, as Coach Kidd was involved in a one-car accident.


Next up, Alex Rodriguez is suing everybody!  His team has filed suit against MLB, Bud Selig, the New York Yankees team doctor and major local hospital.  We discuss ARod’s motivation behind the suit, and what the end-game could be.  Instead of talking about the MLB postseason, we’re talking ARod and PEDs.  Before we close out the show, we throw JG In The Box for a couple minutes of NHL talk.  This week, Patrick Roy’s behavior dominates the conversion.  He also wraps an entertaining first week by the locals on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!



-Joseph Haas,


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