In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts take a look at the win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the loss to the New England Patriots.  The New York Jets start the season 1-1, and 0-1 in the AFC East.  We go over the positives and negatives of rookie QB Geno Smith’s performances in each game.  Geno showed a lot of poise against a good New England front line, but didn’t get the necessary help from his WRs to pull out a game the team had every chance to win.  Too many drops led to more attempts, which ultimately led to some errant passes by the youngster.  We question OC Marty Mornhinweg’s play calling, specifically during the second-half downpour.  The Jets threw the ball 35 times and ran the ball with Powell and Ivory 25 times.  I say, if the Jets throw the ball ten LESS times, and run the ball with those two ten MORE times, the Jets win that game on Thursday Night Football.


We applaud the defense, which has kept this team in position to win football games despite the mistakes made on offense.  The Jets have brought effective pressure, and have disrupted the pocket in both games this season.  We talk about the contributions of Mo Wilkerson, Damon Harrison, Sheldon Richardson, Demario Davis, Antonio Allen and others making an impact on Rex’s defense.  Mo Wilkerson left the Pats game with what the team is calling a “right ankle injury” and we all hope he can use the ten days between games to get himself ready for action against Buffalo in Week 3.  We take a good long look at Dee Milliner, and whether missing those reps in camp are coming back to bite him now in the early season.  Milliner was benched during the game against the Pats for ineffective play.  Will the Jets defense continue to perform while allowing a young CB to grow into the position?


In What Jets Said, Rex Ryan’s comments after the loss to the Pats highlight the segment.  We also go over Geno’s reaction to throwing three picks in a game his team had a chance to win.  We discuss the breaking news of the day, Mark Sanchez being placed on short-term IR.  Being placed on short-term injured reserve, Mark Sanchez is eligible to return in eight weeks.  It looks like we won’t see Sanchez suit up for a game until Week 11.  We bring back the discussion of Rex putting Sanchez in that preseason game, at that time… and behind that line.  We also debate his options, whether he should rehab and attempt to play for the Jets, or have the surgery and look toward his future.  Can you describe Mark Sanchez’s New York Jets career with one word?? We take a stab at it… and agree on one word in particular.  And… I sing! Yes… I sing for Mark Sanchez!


In Rumors, Roster & The Rest, we tackle the rumor which quickly becomes fact with the team’s announcement prior to the show, Mark Sanchez being placed on short-term IR.  Hacking the NYJ for us is our player-expert Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).  This week, we get his take on Jets and Pats.  He pulls no punches with his analysis of Geno Smith’s Week 2 performance.  He covers the team’s run defense and gives us his expertise on Dee Milliner’s early struggles.  Are his problems fixable in-season, or is he going to be a project at CB?  We tackle all and more… in this week’s edition of Hackin’ the NYJ.  The Rest Report this week looks at the Pats at 2-0 (both division wins) and the Miami Dolphins win over the Cleveland Browns.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Congratulations to Jinx Grand, as he’ll be interviewing young Jets fans at MetLife Stadium for the New York Jets!!  Look for him on the jumbotron!!


In the Great Debate, we continue the conversation about Dee Milliner.  How is a Jets secondary only returning Antonio Cromartie going to survive the season with a rookie that is learning with every rep on the other side?  Will Milliner prove to be a quick study, or studied quickly by opponents and exploited as a weakness on an otherwise solid defense?  We also take a quick look at the Suh’s $100,000 fine levied by the NFL.  We discuss all and more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!



-Joseph Haas,


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