It's no surprise, Mike Trout is who we all thought he was, the future of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the team's leader and possibly, the best player in the entirety of Major League Baseball. Tomorrow night, Trout will lead off for the American League in the 84th Annual All-Star Game, starting what is promising to be one of the most intriguing All-Star games in memory, most evidenced by the two young starting pitchers for the game (Max Scherzer & Matt Harvey) and all of the first time participants. It's easy to take some of the luster off of what Trout is doing, seeing as 2012 was something that probably hasn't ever been seen, save for the Mantle days or well, Yasiel Puig, if you're bold enough to say it.

The most promising part of Trout's season is that even after a full offseason, he's not only performed to the level of which he had in 2012 but the hype seems to have had no ill will towards the young superstar. Trout was voted in by the fans to start in the game and with a combination of power, speed, intangibles & grace, he's exactly what this game calls for, someone who is most likely going to entertain you with every at-bat, game saving catch or possibly, the blinding speed.

Obviously, Angels fans are happy with how Trout is performing. Most of the baseball world knows just how good Trout is but look around the league and media coverage (cough ESPuigN cough) and it's easy to forget about him, if you're not a Halos fan, seeing as Puig, Miguel Cabrera, Chris Davis, etc. have taken over 2013. Save Puig, Cabrera and Davis are on winning teams, teams that look like a decent bet to make the playoffs, but neither of which are guarantees. Meanwhile, Trout's Angels are a few games under .500, they'll be seen as a major disappointment with anything short of a deep run into the playoffs and that's not his fault, it's more or less, his teammates.

The focus on the Angels in 2013 has been Josh Hamilton, for better (sometimes) or worse (all the time). When you have someone like Hamilton who has been an established star for much longer than Trout has even been in the league, it can be easy to just assume that Trout is doing "good", not "great" but that would be completely wrong. Actually, I'd say Trout is going to have a better season than his rookie year, by far, if you ask me.

At the All-Star Break, this is where Trout's statistics stand, when compared to close to a full 2012 season.

AVG: .326 (2012) / .320 (2013) = 2012

HR: 30 (2012) / 15 (2013) = Tie

R: 129 (2012) / 65 (2013) = 2013, when adjusted.

SB: 49 (2012) / 21 (2013) = 2012

BB%: 10.5 (2012) / 11 (2013) = 2013, when adjusted.

OBP%: .399 (2012) / .399 (2013) = Tie

SLG: .564 (2012) / .565 (2013) = 2013, when adjusted.

Total Score - 2012 = 4 / 2013 = 5


So while there hasn't been a lot of media coverage for the young man, when compared to 2012 for Trout's season so far, this might very well be the season that all Angels fans were wishing for, from him. This is presuming that Trout can keep up the good work during the second half of the season but then again, who says that he can't do better, even much better?

I'll go out on a limb and say that Mike Trout ends up having a better season than he had in 2012, one that statistically, will be right up there with the shocking supernova of a season that took place in 2012. Either way, the new King Fish will be starting off the Midsummer Classic and in a season full of disappointments and head shaking plays, there's at least one player that we all can't place the blame on. He might be the one that turns it all around. The smart money says that he is.