“Good to great comes about by a cumulative process – step by step, action by action, decision by decision, turn by turn of the flywheel – that adds up to sustained and spectacular results.

The above quote is from Jim Collins’ national bestseller Good to Great. In this book, Collins explains how companies went from, well, good to great. Collins explains the ideology, management methods, leadership qualities, and more that differentiated great companies from its mediocre and struggling counterparts. While Collins focuses on large corporations, much of his research and findings can be related to the individual level.

How can you go from good to great? How can you differentiate yourself from the pack?

For those already engulfed in the sports business industry, you’re fully aware of the competition you’re up against. For those just starting this career trek, you’ll find out soon.

Thousands of students and young professionals want to work in sports. The path to a sports business career can seem daunting, difficult, sometimes even impossible. However, it helps to remember that today’s sports business professionals were once in your shoes.

So how did they get to where they are today? How can you work your way to a sports business career?

While there’s no exact way (especially since all the different industries vary) there is one NECESSARY action you must take. So what should you do? You must START THE FLYWHEEL.

In his book, Collins uses the example of a flywheel to show how companies went from good to great. It was not an overnight success. It was often decades of hard work and strong principles. There was no single event that transformed these companies. Rather, it was a result of a strong foundation that took years to build up.

“Each turn of the flywheel builds upon work done earlier, compounding your investment of effort.”

Whether it be volunteering, writing, reading, networking, interning, learning, or any other possible action, you need to START THE FLYWHEEL – AND CONTINUE TO TURN IT. With enough momentum, one turn becomes two. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. So on and so on. Until, eventually, the wheel turns itself and you look back at the work you’ve accomplished. Rarely, is there a single event that will immediately transform your career. Rather, it is the combination and accumulation of actions that will shape your career.

Want to work in sportsbiz? Turn the flywheel.