The heat of summer, did you do plenty of sunscreen preparations? Not just rub sunscreen cream as simple as Oh, eyes also need full sun, the most effective is-----you choose a valid filter across the eyes of UV cheap oakley sunglasses.
Colorful lenses, resistance to the effects of ultraviolet radiation are the same?
Color does not affect the UV effect in theory, but a different color adjustment function of the light intensity is different. Lens color to gray, grayish-green ideal, grey is the best, it can even reduce the light color shades, keep the video color. Other colors such as blue, see objects in favor of blue, so glare in the Sun; can block blue Brown lens, visual comfort.
Lens shade of the color, affects the UV-resistant features?
Deep lens color discount oakley sunglasses is not equal to the filtering effect of ultraviolet radiation. Opposite without color lenses, such as myopia, it can block 100% of ultraviolet. Lenses affect things only shades of brightness, in the urban area does not need to wear glasses or mirrors too deep, if it is to go to the beach, mountain climbing, skiing you need to wear a dark mirror or mirrors.
Low quality sunglasses will because more harm it?
Eyes strong light, the pupil will shrink naturally, in order to reduce the light entering, UV damage is less; if poor quality glasses, lenses while the light diminished, but did not filter UV, pupils will be expanded by light diminished, thus allowing more ultraviolet radiation entering the eyes, resulting in injury.
Regardless of day and night, for indoor and outdoor wear cheap oakleys sunglasses, can be fully protected from harm?
If the eyes are long accustomed to the Dim light, the pupil will constantly expand, once you take off glasses, will be vulnerable to strong light stimulation, causing eye discomfort, but can damage eyes.