The Erik “El Terrible” Morales Deception



I watched a hell of a fight last Saturday night, I saw an Erik Morales as still 1 of the greats from Mexico. Skills, & tactical greatness. Moving, countering & accuracy. After the 6th round you see Morales slowing down. His condition wasn’t there, he looked over weight & fat was hanging from the sides of his trunks.

 Erik “El Terrible” Morales can get his condition back, strength & speed if he were to invest in himself as Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez did when he hired Hereida as his conditioning coach. Hereida took Marquez to a different level of competition & could get Morales in that same level. 

If Morales were to invest in himself with a conditioning coach he will be able to compete against these new young comers. Imagine a well conditioned Erik Morales, he would’ve schooled the young Danny Garcia all the way through 12 rounds.

 I saw a close fight but it hurts me that the score cards had something to do with Morales getting knocked down in the 11th round. I couldn’t believe that his father had told him that they had lost every round & was pushing Morales to look for the knock out. A tired Morales had to push harder to find the knock out in which ended in his demise.

 Morales was caught with a left hook that took him to the canvas. After the fight the score cards were all one sided. I believe that Morales did lose the fight but the score should’ve been a lot closer that what the judges had it. Even with the knock down I had it 114-113. But, would there have been a knock down if Morales didn’t know the judge’s scores? The HBO cast couldn’t believe when Morales’ father had told him he was losing every single round. They stated that he might be using it as a way to push his son to pick up the pace.

 That pace left him vulnerable since he had to concentrate on attack & leave defense behind. The 12th round was a survival round for Morales so the fight wouldn’t end in a knock out. It was disgusting to hear the judges score cards.

 For the Pacquiao fans since I want Morales to hire Hereida, they have been accusing Marquez & Hereida as using PED’s because of Hereida‘s past.. Pacquiao fans should be the last of people accusing anyone of using performance enhancing drugs. Well lets bring up a few examples, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire who works with Victor Conte. Is Donaire using PED’s cause he now works with Victor Conte, who also has a past? No, it doesn’t. Nonito has stated that he would take any test, any time & any where. That right there takes all floating doubts from any mind.

 Now lets bring up Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, who works with Freddy Roach. Freddy Roach’s past has been stained with steroids. James Toney & 2 other fighters that he trained have tested positive for steroids. Now, in a way I blame a fighter to be responsible on what he puts in his body. Well, when James Toney tested positive, Freddy Roach came out to Toney’s defense. Freddy stated that Toney had a hand injury & that’s basically why they used it. He said he didn’t know that the steroids was still in his system but that steroids didn’t win him the fight but his skills did.

 James Toney was stripped of his title, suspended & sued by his opponent for using an illegal substance. Freddy Roach then & there has admitted to pushing steroids to his fighters by coming to Toney‘s defense. Does that mean Pacquiao has used the same drugs? No, it doesn’t. Pacquiao could be a clean hard working fighter or he could be a dirty cheater. That‘s the doubt that he has place over himself… Why did he turn down testing. It could’ve proven he’s a clean fighter but he had more excuses on why he shouldn’t get tested in which it raised many eye brows. Pacquaio should step up now & do random blood & urine testing in the Bradley fight & take all the doubt from the doubters. It’s the best thing he can do to completely clear his name from the ones that has found him guilty until proven innocent.

 It’s not a form of control as some have put it but to be a certain that it will be a level playing field for both fighters.

 If Morales continues his boxing career, I hope he hires a conditioning coach. I wouldn’t mind seeing him working with Alex Ariza as long as he hires someone that would get him in tip top shape. If not, he should retire… his legacy is written & will always be remembered for his heart & what he has done for Mexican boxing… I do not want to see him get hurt.