It seems like the end of the Mark Sanchez era in Gang Green as a New York Jet because of his most notably horrible recent play. The Jets have been plagued by miserable performances from the Jets offense all year.

The 4th year quarterback out of USC was unable to lead the Jets to the postseason for the 2nd time in the last two years. The Jets were eliminated from playoff contention on Monday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans. Sanchez threw 4 interceptions and had 1 fumble. The 5 turnovers killed the Jets playoff chances including a Sanchez fumble in the final minute of the ball game on the Titan's 25 yard line. 

A botched snap from Center Nick Mangold to Sanchez finished off the Jets playoff chances in a sloppy game with many errors. The Jets haven't played like a playoff team in a while, and Sanchez is a major part of that problem. 

After the loss, Linebacker Calvin Pace expressed his displeasure with the Jets offense by saying "Story of our season. Shooting yourself in the foot, over and over and over again." Newly acquired Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards was optimistic towards Sanchez by saying "Mark has to believe in himself." 

One thing for sure is that Jets defense and fans don't believe in Sanchez. The Jets have only scored 34 points in the last 3 games. The Jets defense seriously did not disappoint. They were able to hold their opponents to few points in most games, but the offense could just never get it done.

Sanchez has thrown 68 interceptions in his career and fumbled the ball 25 times. He has accounted for 93 of the Jets turnovers in the last four seasons. Also, his interception to touchdown ratio is 1:1. He threw for 68 touchdowns and 68 interceptions in his career. Many of the interceptions have been poor decisions. People question Mark's decision making ability all the time and he hasn't made any good decisions in recent times. 

After throwing 4 interceptions against the Tennessee Titans, Coach Rex Ryan informed Mark that he would be demoted as starting quarterback. Former BCS Champion out of Alabama was soon named starter for its upcoming game against San Diego. It may just be a test to see if McElroy is a quality starting QB after being named inactive against the Titans. 

3 weeks prior to the elimination of playoff contention for the Jets, McElroy got his first shot in the NFL by replacing Sanchez in the 2nd half against the Arizona Cardinals. 

McElroy led the Jets to a 7-6 win over the Cardinals and threw his first touchdown pass to Tight End Jeff Cumberland from 1 yard out. Metlife Stadium was filled with cheers when McElroy replaced Sanchez at quarterback. The place exploded when McElroy threw his first touchdown pass and ultimately led the Jets to a win they desperately needed. 

Mark Sanchez was unable to lead the Jets to a win they desperately needing in Tennessee and playoff hopes sunk. Nobody was happy in the Jets locker room and Rex Ryan seemed pissed off with Mark's style of play. He was unable to lead the offense all season. 

Many fans want Mark Sanchez out of New York, but on the downside he is guaranteed $8 Million dollars for next year, which can express hardship financially for the Jets.

Sanchez had a season full of lackluster performances and Jets fans and management are truly sick of it. 

McElroy is set to start against the San Diego Chargers at Metlife Stadium. Hopefully he can bring something new to the table and restore hope for the future in Jets fans.