One of the important part of a house are its floors and homeowners always make sure that they are in good condition. A lot of people also buy the most durable and expensive flooring materials so that they will last for a longer period. However, there is also a process called hardwood floor refinishing seattle wa that can help you maintain the good quality of your old floors.

Most of the time, a homeowner just calls a company that can send some people over to refinish the wood floors. However, it is also possible for them to actually do the work all by themselves. They just have to set aside enough time to do it, getting all the tools that are needed in the process and paying close attention to the task at hand.

Removing all the things that are inside the room is what you should do before you start with the process of hardwood floor refinishing seattle WA. Carpets, furniture and rugs are a few of the things that you have to remove. Doing so will keep them safe from damage and the empty space will enable you to move easily around the area.

Once you have finished taking out all things in the room, you can now prepare the devices that you will be using. An important device that you will be using is a sander. You can rent a good quality one is any rental shop and in doing so, you should select one that is easy to use. Orbital sanders are recommended because they are good for any type of household project.

Besides sanders, you will also be needing additional things for the procedure. Sandpapers, a hammer, a vacuum cleaner and some brooms are the materials that you should also prepare. Wearing knee pads and masks is also highly suggested as a form of protection while performing the task.

Furthermore, there is also a need for you to turn off ventilation systems and fans before you start. The spreading of the dust around the place can also be controlled by doing a trick. Hang a bed sheet that is old over the entrance of the place.

Once you have remembered the things stated above, you can now begin following the next step of the whole procedure. Begin with the sanding process using the orbital sander or any simple sander that you have obtained. Perform this step by starting on the area that is the farthest from the entrance as you work your way backwards.

To eliminate the spots that are difficult to remove, you may use a sandpaper. After the process of sanding of the floors, make sure you will sweep the floors to remove any residue that are left. Further cleaning can also be done with the use of the vacuum cleaners that you prepared awhile ago.

The final step in hardwood floor refinishing seattle WA is to stain them according to the shade that you like. While doing this, you need to invest on a high quality brush. You need to use clean cloth or garments as you do the coating after the staining process. Wait until the coating dries and then, you are done.

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