Within the beautiful game we have seen so many moments that capitulate why this is the most popular and loved sport all over the world, from an over-the-head kick from Pele, to the brilliance of Maradona on the ball, the loyalty of a Steven Gerrard and the current day superstars of Messi and Ronaldo. While these moments lay right in the heart of every football man and bring a sense of joy every time you see them, these are not the true reasons why world football is loved, there is a layer underneath these greats who have created a pillar for them to stand on, and that pillar is every single team and every single player who is not earning $2 every single second.

Talking here about Spanish football as the current state of the La Liga is a prime example for what I am trying to convey. Spanish football has for a long long time been dominated by the giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, both teams covered in glory and money. Having the luxurious lifestyle these clubs can lead has created a crack in world football and more importantly Spain, as the ability to buy the best players in the world to improve and make the clubs even that more stronger is now something that is lusted. As these clubs spend and continue to increase the wage bill every single week, there are 17 clubs in Spain which currently are being left behind in the first division. Barring Athletico Madrid, there has been a trend where the big clubs stalking out the "weaker" sides for the one or two little gems who shine and become stars for there teams are snatched up and not only leaving the club without their star player but that player is now at one of the biggest teams in the world not guaranteed a first team spot every single week. Great examples of this happening was the transfer window before the 2013/14 season for Spain, Real Madrid spent a sum of 30 million Euros on the central attacking midfielder Isco who coming from Malaga was a player full of potential and a shoe-in for a future spain position. This move caused Malaga a team embroiled in controversy to lose one of their finest players, struggling to find a replacement for the young star Malaga currently with 3 games to go in La Liga sit 12th on 41 points struggling to even get into the top half of the table which is a contrast to the past two seasons where they have finished 4th and 6th respectively. Isco in Feburary was claimed by Ancelotti the Real Madrid manage to be "Unhappy" and the reasoning behind the star not playing in the starting XI each week was because of "The current 4-3-3 system not suiting his strengths". By buying the future Spanish international and a player who could lead any club below Madrid to any sort of success being snatched up and not used to the full of his ability leaves Madrid, Isco himself, Malaga and the rest of La Liga in turmoil. By having twenty points between Third and Fourth has left the Spanish league to be a two horse race for many years, though this has changed recently with the rise of Athletico who currently sit 1st and look like they are about to win prestigious trophy. But this rise of Athetico is not enough in the league as this seperation still exists and means the difference in quality from say a Madrid to Getafe is so large that the Spanish league is just a prime example of the problems with world football.

Look all over the world, Bayern Munich in Germany, Juventus in Italy, PSG in France, Celtic in Scotland. This divide of money is slowly making football into something it should not. By these big teams winning year in and year out it makes the leagues uninspiring and not of the level they should be. By these big teams as well buying and taking the best playing on a lower tier than them means that this divide can continue and that there will never be a solution to this madness unless FIFA have much stricter rules on transfers and the purchase of players, carefully constructing a system where clubs can only buy a certain amount and not of the biggest players in the game.You could say financial fair play but the system is incredibly flawed and is a system which doesn't regulate funds of clubs as it should be. This problem will live on and will continue with the signings of Lewkandowski from Dortmund to Munich, Ter Stegen from Mon Gladenbach to Barcelona, the likely move of Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana from Southhampton to Manchester United or some other giant in England. Not only will this separation continue but it will continue to get bigger and bigger, with players being sideswiped and there is nothing the smaller clubs can do to combat the incredibly large pay rolls of these giants of football. 

The main victim in all of this is the fan as the clubs they support are left to be second rank to the big clubs and new fans and other supporters go and follow these super powers leaving not only a bandwagon of genuine fans in football but a rivalry between loyalty and supporting success. Though there are still fans out there that live and breath for their clubs and that is keeping the genuine feeling to football in 2014. Though there are the big clubs and the domination which doesn't look like is going to end, still the genuine and beautiful side of football lives, it just needs a kick up the bum to get it back to where it should be.