There wasn't much turnout this year, with just three voters plus the carryover. So, I set the threshold at induction. Three individuals met that mark.Klondike: Every Hall of Fame needs a chaperone. And a captain.Golden Tate: A Google Image Search for "golden tate" awesome returns 3,940 results. This image is result number one.Becca Hatton: The Best Goddaughter Ever joins her brother, a 2008 inductee, into the Hall.Here are the also rans. There were several near misses, and all of those multiple vote getters will receive one carryover vote next year.NameTotalDave2F-Bomb2Knute Rockne2Kanka's Dad2Randy Waldrum2Brady Quinn1Kyle McCarthy1Michael T. Good1Joe Posnanski1Muffett McGraw1

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