For a colorful Candyland party theme, begin with a rainbow of bright colors. Adding several adorable Candyland characters, and you ll soon have everyone shouting, Goody, Goody, Gumdrops! CANDYLAND PARTY THEME IDEAS FOR INVITATIONSCandy Jar Invites Fill empty baby jars with assorted candies. Make your written invitation on theme related scrapbook papers, laminate, hole punch and operate a ribbon through the hole, tie to the jar, and hand deliver your invites. Add a fun Candyland sticker on the front of each jar.Alternatives: Attach your invite to some large colorful lollipop or perhaps a small bag of candy and hand deliver.CANDYLAND PARTY THEME DECORATIONSThis may be the perfect party for going full-scale with a lot of fun colors and making the Candyland game board come to life. Here s some ideas to help you turn your party area in to the land of candy:For an special pathway, cut a wavy path out of large cardboard boxes, e.g., a refrigerator box and create your Candyland path by gluing various colored felt squares or foam squares to the cardboard.Line your walkway with huge lollipops. These could be created with hot glue or by stapling two paper plates facing one another, spray paint the plates, cover with coordinating colored cellophane tied off with curling ribbons, and fix to yard stakes.To start the Rainbow Trail, produce a rainbow arch using balloons. For those who have a wood arch available, all you have to complete is attach the colorful balloons inside a rainbow pattern to the arch. If you don t come with an arch, you'll be able to create one using PVC pipe for the sides and an aluminum rod for the curved portion at the top. Attach the rods together using duct tape or electrical tape. You can make the Gingerbread Tree out of cardboard or plywood. Attach gingerbread men and plums for your tree. You can make and decorate the gingerbread men, wrap them in clear cellophane before attaching for your tree, after which hand them out as a party favor once the party has ended. You are able to attach small dark purple balloons towards the tree to serve because the plums.Create a life size Candyland board game by painting your squares onto the largest painter s tarp that you can find. Use an actual Candyland game board as your guide. The children assists because the Candyland pieces. Use the Candyland game cards to guide how the kids move on the board.Make gingerbread houses to serve as table centerpieces.To produce Peppermint Stick Forrest, make extra large candy canes out of cardboard. Spray paint them white and paint on red stripes. Use plenty of white and red twisted streamers, curling ribbons, and balloons for this area.CANDYLAND PARTY THEME IDEAS FOR FOODSCut sandwiches into gingerbread men and rainbow shapes using cookie cutters.Serve individual servings of french fries in paper snow cones tha are decorated having a Candyland sticker.Serve rainbow Goldfish crackers and rainbow Pringles.Setup an enjoyable candy buffet by placing various candies into clear glass containers, vases, jars, etc.