5. Oklahoma Sooners (5-0, 1-0)

The last four weeks, Oklahoma has looked like the premier college football team nobody thought they'd be. I thought they'd be 2-3 right now to be honest. 

They rebounded from last year perfectly, taking down four good teams in Florida State, Air Force, Cincinnati, and Texas. Not gracefully, but thats 4 W's (in addition to the first week against a surprising good Utah State) nonetheless. 

Missouri and Oklahoma State are two other undefeated teams remaining on the Sooners schedule. Should they get by both of them, Oklahoma makes a serious case for the national championship.

4. TCU Horned Frogs (6-0, 2-0)

Andy Dalton is one impressive quarterback. TCU's defense is full of studs, and they do their job well. Their only test, Oregon State, TCU struggled with though.

Numbers always lie with non-BCS teams...though both Boise State and TCU are great teams, they aren't number one and two in the nation. Boise State beat OSU by more, so I rank them higher. If TCU isn't the only team undefeated at the end of the year, they won't go to the national championship. I doubt they'll remain undefeated anyway.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (6-0, 2-0)

For me, between the top 6 (SPOILER: There's a tie), it comes down to strength of schedule (SOS, as I'll refer to it for those who don't know).

TCU has beaten one decent team- Oregon State. They struggled. 

Ohio State has beaten one decent team- Miami (FL)...who isn't ranked. They also struggled against Illinois. A mid-level Big Ten team. Due to the all together SOS, I rank the Buckeyes higher...but not by much.

Terrelle Pryor and company have to be darn impressive the rest of the season in my opinion if they're to have a shot at the title game.

2t. Boise State Broncos (5-0, 1-0)

Boise State is easily the most controversial team in college football. On paper, they're gods. On the field, they consistently play crap...week after week after week.

Complain about disrespect all you want, but it's true. 

They played two decent teams- Virginia Tech and Oregon State. VT isn't ranked anymore, and is haven a letdown of a year. However they're still a decent team as far as I'm concerned.

In both games, they allowed, or almost allowed, 30 points. A win is a win, but if they played BCS teams every week, they'd eventually slip a few teams. Especially if the now-unranked Virginia Tech nearly beat them.

Every other game was a beating- Wyoming, NMSU, and Toledo...but half of the FCS teams could beat them. 

Their SOS will take a dip as they play more of the terrible WAC teams, and as Nevada drops out of the rankings. For now, its a number two ranking and a shot at the NC.

2t. Oregon Ducks (6-0, 3-0)

Surprised? Don't be. Darron Thomas is the man in Oregon right now. I predicted he'd be a fantastic quarterback, long before he beat out Costa for the starting job. 

So let me get it off my chest now-- I told you so. 

That being said, Oregon has been amazing with the combo of LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner at running back. The 1-2 punch option run is working like a charm, as Oregon steamrolls team after team.

For Duck fans, I wouldn't recommend watching the first quarters. It's bad, horrendously bad. Whatever Chip puts in the Gatorade at halftime...it works. Watching teams like Stanford just completely go into the crapper is hilarious, and rewarding for Duck fans.

The defense needs to crack down on first half play...if it wasn't for the need to have to comeback, they'd be number one right now. 

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-0, 1-0)

Nebraska didn't get a single number one vote in the AP Poll or Harris Interactive, and only two in the Coaches Poll. I was shocked.

Look at the numbers- top ten offense, number twelve defense, and they've beaten every single opponent quite decisively. Nobody has been as consistent as Nebraska in my opinion.

The South Dakota State game was a curveball...but they still won by two touchdowns, and held them to a field goal. 

They are the dark horse to win the national championship this year, even though everybody thought the defense would be much weaker without "King Kong" Suh on the defensive line. 

The next three games, in my opinion, will define their season. If they get past Texas, Oklahoma State, and Missouri, they should be at the number one spot without any question.