Everyone is available! Well, not everyone. But a lot of Angels are now on the trade market.

Stories have been buzzing all morning about the Angels' willingness to trade Mark Trumbo and Peter Bourjos. This adds to a list that also includes second baseman Howie Kendrick, and catchers Chris Iannetta and Hank Conger. Erick Aybar is iffy, but he was involved in talks with the Cardinals in July.

The Angels mean business. They want pitching. They need pitching. They have a long list of Major League players they are ready to trade. So who do the Angels get for Trumbo, Kendrick, Aybar, Bourjos, Iannetta, and/or Conger?

None of us really know. That's why we're not General Managers. But I think there's a good chance the Angels will get quality young pitching for just about any combination on that list.

For those who are skeptical, I did read an article this morning (from a series of articles) evaluating possible suitors for David Price. Guess what? The author cited the Angels as the best suitors so far. Why? Because they have the most "Major League talent" to offer.

It's not all about prospects. Teams still need major leaguers to win. A lot of them.

I'm thinking quality and quantity are the way to go. Unless they get a David Price, it looks like the Angels are going for a quantity of quality number-three and number-four starting pitchers; as well as additional solid arms to help their bullpen and give Frieri, De La Rosa, and Kohn a break once in a while. Either strategy is smart. Depth is the key here.

The Angels had the right idea when they signed Joe Blanton and acquired Tommy Hanson. Those were just not the right pitchers. Both are number fives at best, and more like long relievers/AAA depth. The Halos front office is likely taking a much closer look at who they bring in for pitching depth.

The Blue Jays have expressed some interest recently. Now, the Padres are the latest team interested in Trumbo. So the phones are ringing, and it will only be a matter of time until these much needed moves will be made.

So right now it's Trumbo, Kendrick, Bourjos, Iannetta, and Conger, with Aybar up in the air. That's a lot of talent to be trading from a team expecting to contend. But the Angels' roster in 2013 was very top-heavy with offense. There are a number of young players who made an impact late in the season, and can easily replace most of who is on the list.

The key is pitching depth, and in doing so the Angels will have a more balanced roster going into 2014.