The Aftermath: Nets talk role of D in Beating the Bulls 

By Jason Schott - @JESchott19

The Nets held practice on Tuesday afternoon at Barclays Center, and the focus was on their strong defense in the win over the Bulls on Monday night and possibly getting over the .500 mark  tomorrow night against Memphis.

Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd was asked about how aggressive the defense was in Monday night's win over Chicago. "I thought for 48 minutes I thought maybe they were the most consistent defensively. Being active, helping one another. Again, I asked those guys how many backdoors and they all knew the answer, so that just shows that they’re in-tuned in executing the gameplan," said Kidd. The answer to how many backdoors allowed was zero.

On the fact that they beat one of the bigger teams in the NBA in the Chicago Bulls last night, Kidd said, "I thought Dray (Blatche) was great last night, fighting in the post, active hands. Mason starting the game, but I thought our bigs did a wonderful job of competing and also being able to help the smalls, and so I thought it was a great effort by our bigs."

Mason Plumlee had a great game on Monday night in place of the injured Kevin Garnett, and he spoke about how the defense performed without KG in the lineup. "The one thing that Coach (Kidd) pointed out was the number of deflections, that was the most deflections we've had all season. They don't all lead to turnovers, but a lot of them do, so that made our offense so much better getting stops and getting out on the break," said Plumlee.

The Nets lost the rebounding battle to Chicago on Monday night, but forced an astonishing 28 turnovers. Plumlee said of how they can improve on the glass, "It's definitely a thing, if we can combine both, if we can get those, force turnovers and rebounding, it puts us on another level as a team. But we have to rebound, we can't try to make up for it in another way, we have to rebound. A lot of that falls on myself, Andray, and, because Paul's one of the best rebounders, for being undersized, he's one of the best rebounders at his position. I think he probably led us last night, I have to look at the stats, but he's always going to do his job. When the game's on the line, he's gonna come out with the tough rebound, make the tough play. He's done that his whole career."

Deron Williams said, "We did a good job defensively, had the most deflections that we've had all year for a game all year, really active, a lot we can take from the game."

On how it feels to get back to the .500 mark at 29-29 and what the focus is now, Williams said, "Try to get back over .500 now, we don't want to just hang around there, we want to finish up strong, especially heading into the playoffs. We want to move up as high as we can."

Joe Johnson said of hitting the .500 mark, "It’s huge. We’ve got to keep playing as a team and keep helping each other out in order to be a pretty good basketball team."

Kidd said of the confidence that Johnson and Williams have in this team, "That’s veteran guys talking. It shows the leadership and understanding that it’s a marathon not a sprint. You have to play 82 games no matter how you start it’s how you finish going into the playoffs."

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