Alright, after a few days break for our Rose Bowl coverage I bring you the last in our The 12 Days of Recruits Series.  We might have saved the best for last here as we take a look at OT Walker Williams.  

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Walker Williams Personal Stats:

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 320lbs.

Hometown/High School: Tacoma, WA/ Tacoma Baptist

Commit date: 8/12/2011



247Sports: 3*, NR (nationally), #105 (position), #14 (state)

Rivals: 3*, NR (nationally), #55 (position), #6 (state)

Scout: 3*, #55 (position) - no national or state rankings here


My Thoughts:  

As you can see from the rankings there is a bit of a debate at hand as to just how good this kid is.  Well, after seeing many tapes on him and talking to people in the recruiting world I think he's more acurately rated by Rivals.  

Getting him will be huge and yes, pun intended.  Williams is the largest of the offensive line recruits and he's clearly using that to his advantage in high school.  Does he need some work?  Yes, he needs to learn how to use his feet a bit better, but that comes with time and coaching.  

Unfortunately that coaching is up in the air as Bob Bostad is off to Pitt with Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph may not be far behind either.  

No matter what happens he's a Badger and that's a good thing.  Thankfully he'll have some time to learn the ins and outs of playing tackle at the next level as he won't be counted on to be a starter out of the gate.  

What he does do well is the running game.  He's pure power and stays on blocks well.  Additionally he also gets off the line well for a guy of his size in high school.  

Can he become a starter?  In my opinion he's exactly the type of player that could become a long term starter, possibly better suited for right tackle than left.  If he can make the adjustments needed fundamentally quick enough he just may end up being the LT of the future.  

One thing that's for sure, this entire class of O-Lineman are very versitile and we may end up seeing the guys moving around in this class like no other before them, especially with a potentially new coach in place.



Check out his highlight tape from his Junior Year.  Unfortunately tape from his Senior season online is very small and not really easy to showcase.  Enjoy and thanks for checking out all 12 of our recruiting profiles.  Stay tuned right here as we give you the best coverage of signing day, well outside of the all recruiting all the time sites anyway.