I just completed reading a well voiced and opinionated article on Tomy Romo by Elliot Harrison titled, "Tony Romo haters take heed: Dallas Cowboys QB is underrated."  Again, to Elliot Harrison I give him two thumbs up for the effort and time he took to write such a great read:  http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000217055/article/tony-romo-haters-take-heed-dallas-cowboys-qb-is-underrated

OK, here's where I have to further the debate.  Romo just signed a 4 year deal worth 108 million.  Now, normally I would grant the view that a QB is overrated for the offensive line being horrible, but he hasn't lined up behind a terrible offensive line year in and year out.

OK, no underrated QB is going to get a 108 million deal, and to further this logic, Mr. Harrison, tell me, would you pay 108 million over four seasons for the starting services of say Tim Tebow?  In many circles he is considered underrated, but there's a reason he's not getting that money, he's not worth it, and the Jets had both terrible offensive and defensive lines too.

I also call the "terrible offensive line:" into question.  How can a QB put up 4,000 yards in the air over 16 games if the protection is never there in the first place?  Let's not forget to announce his wonderful 65.6% while tossing up 28 TDs to a 90.5 QB RAT.  No QB can hit these marks when constantly lacking offensive line support and tasting the turf every other throw.

Want a good example of how a terrible offensive line affects the play of a QB?  Good, because I have the main course meal.   Take a look at the Cleveland Browns since 1999, primarily the past four to five seasons.  Going by your logic, Brady Quinn is underrated due to poor offensive lines, so let's pay the man 108 million!

OK, Romo threw "the pick" that wasn't worth 108 million, and this just goes to show that Jerry Jones should be locked into an asylum and never set free.  Romo is on the downside of his career, and being a Cowboys fan, I can be honest enough to say it's true.  I cant say he hit his numbers because he's the best QB to ever play the game, because he hits huge numbers with absolutely NO protection from the offensive line.

Romo is overrated at this day and age of his career.  He's had protection and he's had more chances to be a franchise quarterback in Dallas than most quarterbacks elsewhere, a huge credit to Jerry Jones  You look at his age and bad choices over the past four seasons, and the story of why he isn't worth 108 million for the next four seasons is not hard to miss.

You know who's worth 108 million, if not more over the next four seasons?  Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc., but not Tony Romo.  Even with a good offensive line he couldn't get it done, and all those great numbers doesn't mean a thing if you waste a full season on one bad decision, how many times has Romo been there, look at how last season ended as a recent example.

It's time to quit making excuses and giving value to players that don't deserve it.  He certainly isn't deserving of a 108 million dollar contract, maybe three of four years ago, but not following another season caved in by one poor decision.  Tony Romo is very overrated, great season numbers, but where are the post season accomplishments?  If the offensive line is so horrible, then half of Romo's 108 million deal should have gone to making BIG upgrades.  I rest my case.