TEFL Vietnam is a career and a life opportunity, which appeals to so many. It can be a profitable career as well as a highly unique life experience, whilst also a way of broadening the horizon the students that you TEFL Vietnam for. TEFL Vietnam provides an exciting experience for teachers to work in one of the most beautiful, historical and interesting countries within Southeast Asia. Vietnam has a rapidly growing economy and TEFL Vietnam has become increasingly important in recent years with teachers now in high demand - with a higher salary to reflect this. Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Vietnam provides the highest pay bracket throughout Southeast Asia.


To be able to practice TEFL Vietnam there are a few requirements, this factor on the teaching establishment itself; whether state ran or private, and the area in Vietnam you chose to work in - for example the bustling cities have much more TEFL Vietnam opportunities with higher salaries but these are more in demand and therefore stricter requirements are in place than in more rural areas. Certification is not a vital requirement wherever you chose to TEFL Vietnam, however it is preferred and will increase your chance of a higher paying position.


Those wanting to TEFL Vietnam will need to have gained a degree where a subject was studied for a minimum of four years. You must, obviously, be a fluent English speaker and any qualifications that you have in English as a subject, such as literature, will greatly benefit your desirability. You do not need to be a native English speaker, but this is sometimes preferred where there are establishments who can be more selective and being fluent in Vietnamese is essential.



When you teach in another country, you are putting yourself in a situation that is unique.  You travel to another part of the globe without knowing anyone, and with nothing that is familiar to you.  Whilst this may seem daunting and scary, when you have completed your time TEFL Vietnam there you will have learned a lot about yourself as a person.  You will see how people with a lot less money and physical wealth; but people who are rich in an emotional and spiritual way.  They will teach you to value those around you, and to take stock of what is important in your life.


Vietnam has an ambitious plan to improve their citizen’s ability to speak English. In this increasingly globalised world, English is one of the main languages of trade and business across the world.  The English proficiency is quite low in the country however those connected with the tourist industry speak the language competently.  As one of the fasting growing economies in Asia, the people need to learn English to create further global links.  The ability to speak English is essential to sustain the continued growth, and the government has created English language schools to facilitate this. This is why TEFL Vietnam is so widely regarded.



During periods of holiday while the students are not in school if you’re experiencing TEFL Vietnam you will have plenty of opportunities to explore Vietnam and find out what it has to offer. You could travel by bus around the country and take in breath taking scenery as well as visiting world heritage sites such as Halong Bay, famed for its mountains, caves and grottos. Perhaps you could visit some of the beautiful beaches, which can be found along its extensive coastline, which stretches for over 3400 km.  The festivals, which are held all year round, some of which are unheard of in the west, are fun to celebrate and experience with the people.



The world is becoming increasingly global and many different nationalities mix, especially in the big cities throughout the Western world. It is important that these cities have communities that can able to understand and tolerate each other so harmonious relations can be maintained. Living in another country and being immersed in their culture not only helps us to appreciate the similarities which we share with other people but also celebrate and respect the differences too.  Within any industry, there are opportunities to link with people from other countries and cultures. If you choose to look for TEFL Vietnam courses then you will be able to immerse yourself in culture. When you get to know another culture, you learn more about yourself and appreciate your own culture and those around you.


The more preparation you do before going to TEFL Vietnam, the better. This means exploring your Visa requirements to save yourself delays, and in some cases even imprisonment if you obtain a visa incorrectly or are dishonest on your form, apply for the wrong visa etc. You would be wise to research the accommodation before you arrive, not only the affordability but also the practicalities for working commutes - Vietnam is a huge country and the more rural the area’s the cheaper the accommodation but consider if this is feasible when you rationalise a daily commute. City dwellings are more expensive; they are more practical for commutes and are in a location with more choice of occupational positions for TEFL Vietnam.


Knowledge is power, without fully understanding how life would be for you TEFL Vietnam it could turn into a horrible experience and one that would be short lived. There’s a lot to consider, and looking into things alone can be quite daunting. There are, however, many agencies that specialise in migration as well as TEFL Vietnam. They can tell you more than just what credentials are needed, or what positions are available and can explain things that guidebooks do not, such as; how to coincide with local traditions, how to dress and act appropriately and how to mingle with the locals to avoid social exclusion.


To finish, the age old saying of act in haste repent at leisure it very apparent when looking to work and live abroad. TEFL Vietnam is something that you should fully research, weigh up the pros and cons and be fully aware of how the life change will be for you. You do not have to do this alone and can find genuine assistance, advice and guidance from a reputable source such as immigration specialists or even searching the internet to find advice from those who have been there and done it themselves.

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