Looking for teaching jobs in Vietnam really does present a vast list of opportunities, and nothing is black and white in this field. There are no credentials or attributes which are obligatory across the board, there are however preferred elements to form a more desirable candidate depending on the institutional, area, sector and employer. Those within inner cities tend to have stricter requirements for an applicant, these are institutions who can afford to be more selective than those in more rural areas however, there is currently a high demand for those to fill teaching jobs in Vietnam so maybe if you were not desirable previously, now could be the time.


To be the most desirable candidate for teaching jobs in Vietnam where a position will be almost guaranteed and a salary going up to £3,000 per month, you will benefit from being a native English speaker with a degree gained from a four year course - of which the subject does not have to be English related but would be a huge bonus - and also be a fluent Vietnamese speaker.


The further you go from the cities the less credentials are needed, this is due to a higher demand for applicants for teaching jobs in Vietnam but the pay will reflect this with the higher paying positions being within the cities. Once you have decided on the location of your choice the next thing to consider is what kind of teaching jobs in Vietnam you want - do you want to teach in a state run institution, private sector or work as a home tutor? Each sector has its bonuses, as well as the minuses; thorough research is needed for you to make the perfect choice for you.


TESOL stands for ‘Teachers Of English to Speakers of Other Languages’ and has been bringing together different people such as educators, researchers and students to advance the teaching of English to speakers of different languages. The aim of TESOL courses is to prepare a person to teach English as a foreign language overseas and it will help you to find teaching jobs in Vietnam. The course usually consists of different units, including both theory lessons and teaching practice.  The course will allow the learner to find out more about lesson planning, teaching techniques and communication skills. English grammar and the use of language will be another component; when complete the student will be able to teach English to a range of learners.



Vietnam has an ambitious plan to improve their citizen’s ability to speak English. In this increasingly globalised world, English is one of the main languages of trade and business across the world.  The English proficiency is quite low in the country however those connected with the tourist industry speak the language competently.  As one of the fasting growing economies in Asia, the people need to learn English to create further global links.  The ability to speak English is essential to sustain the continued growth, and the government has created English language schoolswho advertise for teaching jobs in Vietnam to facilitate this.


Vietnamese New Year is the most important celebration in this culture.  It is called Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet for short and is celebrated on the first day of the first month in the Lunar calendar. It begins with a cleaning of the house to get rid of the bad luck of the old year.  Some people paint and decorate as well as making sure the ancestral altar is taken care of.  Everyone buys new clothes and shoes to wear on this day.  Gifts are exchanged and children receive money in red envelopes as red and yellow is believed to bring good fortune. This celebration brings families together for a special meal, where they are able to enjoy a happy and festive time. If you look for teaching jobs in Vietnam you could ensure you are there for this wonderful time of year


Teaching is a difficult job and following a TESOL course will show future employers that you have a range of skills that can be applied to many different roles.  It demonstrates that you have the ability to work to deadlines and combine study with practical experience.  These courses have a strong focus on grammar so your future employer can be assured that you have strengthened your English language skills.  Subject knowledge is not the only area that will be enhanced as the learning takes place over a short period of time and is demanding; the people who complete them are professional, hard working and show initiative.  Any employer in any field will value all of these skills.  If you’ve completed teaching jobs in Vietnam, this will be a great addition to your CV.



There are many things to consider when looking at teaching jobs in Vietnam but initially the first thing you have to do is ensure that you obtain the correct visa. The correct Visa could be the difference between a blossoming career and a jail sentence; recently the Vietnamese Government has become a lot tighter with visa applications with the objection being to curb illegal workers in the country. The Visa you will need for teaching jobs in Vietnam is a Work Permit; the credentials of this are either five years experience in your field, a university degree or a certificate of qualification. You will also need to be of good moral character i.e. no criminal record and undergo a medical check - which will all be at your own cost in addition to your visa.


The ‘getting in’ process for teaching jobs in Vietnam can seem daunting but the light at the end of the tunnel is a prosperous, fulfilling career which will truly enrich the lives of so many Vietnamese students by opening up many career opportunities for them which were previously closed. You do also not have to do this alone and there are many specialist agencies in place to guide you through the entire transition to living and working in a new country, this is a wholly beneficial method to consider to increase the chances, greatly, of a smoother and more successful migration.


So, when looking at teaching jobs in Vietnam nothing is straightforward or the same across the board, it is a flexible career opportunity where those from all backgrounds who are looking to teach here can find a position suitable for them. The more desirable you are for the role, the higher the salary but this is something you can easily work towards by gaining a hands on teaching experience away from the cities. It is important to explore all your options carefully, this is especially apparent with your visa application - and remember there are people able to support and help you through the entire process.

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