At the Beginning of this season i dont think a person in America thought that Tim Tebow would win a playoff game, yet alone start a ballgame at the QUARTERBACK position. Since his days at the university of Florida this guy has been a natural born killer and im not talking about Woody Harrelson. This guy is the truth a 6'3 240 lbs quick as a hiccup QB with great running ability its the truth people we can't deny that! His whole career he has been a WINNER! Again on Sunday Night he experienced another victory, but this one probably the biggest of his young career. People DEBATE that Tim Tebow is not your typical stay in the pocket, old fashioned QB. He is a larger version of Michael Vick minus the throwing accuracy, which can be worked on a repaired in time. Tebow threw for 316 yards last night 2 TD's and rushed for another 50 yards and a score. I dont know what else he has to do to get a little bit of credit not saying he is the best thing sinced sliced bread im just saying the man deserves his credit. You think differently?? not only is he a BALLER he is a pretty good role model as well some think he shows his religion a little too much, but who are we to knock him for that. Tonight showed me alot about Tim Tebow.........He could really run for govenor of Denver and win TEACH ME HOW TO TEBOW!!! ESPN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and any other source of social communication is overloaded with talks of Tebow jump on the wagon lets GOOOOO!!!! #TEAMTEBOW