One of the most fulfilling, unique and enjoyable experiences you could have is teaching abroad, there are many countries to choose from and all have their benefits. When you look at a career to teach in Vietnam the world really is your oyster with the opportunities being endless and the difference choices unlimited. There are the private sectors to teach in Vietnam, voluntary roles, within state run institutions and even adult courses through universities or colleges. Proving Vietnamese students with a clear knowledge of the English language will open up many more opportunities for them and knock down previous boundaries. English is a language spoken in 20 sovereign states, it is the most popular language within business industries, entertainment and sociability and it when you teach in Vietnam you open so many door previously shut to non English speakers.


For those who want to teach in Vietnam it is mandatory to have gained a degree in a subject, which was studied for a minimum of four years - although the subject itself can be anything and doesn’t have to be within an English thesis, however if it is then this will profoundly contribute to a higher desirability for prospective employers. Those who are native English speakers are sometimes more preferable for roles to teach Vietnam but this tends to be within establishments who can be more selective such as those in inner cities or within the private side of teaching.


Having a job to teach in Vietnam will provide you with the highest salary within this role throughout the South East of Asia and provides a monthly disposable income of around £2,500 when your accommodation is taken into account. The highest wages and living costs will be within the cities of Vietnam with the lower end being in more rural areas, this is also the gist for a person's credentials - more attributes are generally needed to fill positions to teach in Vietnam in the cities whereas the outskirts and beyond will accept persons with less experience and credentials. If you cannot find employment within the cities then a way to go could be to take a lesser-paid role, or even a voluntary role, further out. This is a way to get your foot in the door for higher paying inner city positions by gaining vital hands on experience, and if this is something you could afford to do then the job satisfaction of enhancing the lives of rural students to gain a knowledge of the English Language could make up for the loss of salary.


Teaching English abroad takes a certain type of person looking for a challenge, as well as an adventure.  Teaching there offers a unique opportunity to teach in a country with a growing economy, where learning English has become increasingly important.  As jobs are often located in major cities, people who are interested in city life in Asia would find a post there particularly attractive.  The age range of students can be from children right up to adults, the chance to teach in Vietnam would suit someone who is flexible and can relate to a range of age groups.  With a population of about 86 million, and a tropical climate, this country has a lot to offer.


Vietnam is a developing market for teaching English and there are plenty opportunities around. Food is cheap and the cost of living is much lower than Western countries so your salary will certainly go further. In addition, there is the same opportunity to save money whilst you teach in Vietnam as the much more established, but more expensive Asian countries. It is also close to other fascinating Asian countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, which could be explored from your Vietnamese base. Typical contacts may include other benefits on top of a decent monthly salary including health insurance, holiday pay and a completion bonus.



Teaching in Vietnam normally entails fewer hours in a working week than when working in the UK so you will have plenty of time to explore if you decide to teach in Vietnam. The weather in this South East Asian country is significantly warmer than the UK and its central position closer to the equator ensures those long, cold winter nights and short days will be a thing of the past.  There are many benefits that employers offer such as holiday bonuses, airfare reimbursement, and private health insurance.  When working in Vietnam you will be working with a wide range of professionals from different cultures and backgrounds.


The Hue imperial city (the Citadel) is a site to visit when you teach in vietnam.  It has a moat, ten ornate gates guarding a palace, temples gardens and tombs.  The Imperial Citadel, located here was the home of Vietnam’s last royal dynasty and although it was severely damaged in conflicts there is still a lot to see.   The enormous flag tower can be seen from great distances and is an impressive site.  At the heart of the complex is the Forbidden Purple city, which is surrounded by brick walls. This World Heritage site has been restored with some sections being completely restored. 



To finish, the more you do in preparation to teach in Vietnam the better. This means exploring your Visa requirements to save yourself delays, and in some cases even imprisonment if you obtain a visa incorrectly or are dishonest on your form, apply for the wrong visa etc. You can find agencies to help you with obtaining a visa but you must beware of those unscrupulous and unorthodox agencies that are nothing to do with the Vietnamese government and could end up costing you a lot of unnecessary fees. Always go through the correct channels for advice and guidance on any subject but especially when looking into migration to teach in Vietnam.


It is important to decide what you want to do, what you can afford to do and what you have the credentials to do. The more desirable you are the better positions will be available for you to teach in Vietnam, but if you do not have the experience already you can certainly gain it by teaching in more rural areas or even refugee camps where the credentials of the applicant do not have to be so strict - this is also a truly enriching life experience. If you do want to teach in Vietnam within the increasing economy of the cities then make yourself as desirable as possible for the role - a qualification or course studied in English can be a great attribute and can be gained in a few months, this must coincide with your other qualification and will not be considered on its own.


To conclude, this is a massive life change but one which could be prosperous, enthralling and create some wonderful memories however it is important to do it correctly and an advisable way of doing this is to go through authorised agencies specialising in migration and there to help those especially, who want to teach in Vietnam.

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