Teach English in Vietnam



When looking into how to Teach English in Vietnam there is an unlimited supply of advice available, however not all will be genuine or from authorised and recognised sources; so be vigilant. You have chosen to teach English in Vietnam because this appeals to you, whether due to the beautiful and historical country itself or the friendly and welcoming nature of the Vietnamese people, it’s certainly a career opportunity that is becoming increasingly popular. With this being your migration destination of choice you will likely have based this decision on something important to you; wanting to enrich the lives of others or have a perfectly unique experience yourself, but are you fully aware of everything that teach English in Vietnam actually entails? Researching and gaining knowledge will be the difference from this being a hugely successful and enjoyable experience, or the complete opposite.


Your teaching experience, life experience, nationality, gender, age and qualifications are all factors which are taken into account by establishments wanting to hire someone to teach English in Vietnam - all will have a preference. The teaching institutions in the main cities, especially those which cater to a private side of teaching English in Vietnam, can afford to be a lot more selective with their applicants whereas in more rural locations such as farming villages, refugee camps and the outskirts will not have strict policies and may even hire those under the age of 19 with no experiences, however, for a purely voluntary position. The salaries will reflect this - the more prestigious the teaching establishment the higher the wage and the higher chance of promotions, but for these positions a person needs to be extremely desirable.


A qualification in teaching is not obligatory, however preferred, to teach English in Vietnam. A person must have completed a four-year course in a recognised educational establishment themselves, although surprisingly this does not have to be within English subjects. Native English speakers are more desirable to teach English in Vietnam, this is not a required attribute but it will increase your chances of a more stable and prosperous position.


TESOL maintains a list of institutions that offer courses by different institutions, which offer training programmes that are designed to help prepare an individual to teach English in Vietnam. TESOL is a general name for the teaching of English to speakers of other languages and includes both TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second language). Courses are offered in different locations around the world as well as online. A lot of courses offer andintensive’ element, and then teaching practice with real learners.  They can be completed in as little as 4 weeks.  The course is often broken down into different elements, which may include lectures, teaching practice, and reflective journals.


During periods of holiday while the students are not in school you will have plenty of opportunities to explore Vietnam and find out what it has to offer. You could travel by bus around the country  if you teach English in Vietnam and take in breath taking scenery as well as visiting world heritage sites such as Halong Bay, famed for its mountains, caves and grottos. Perhaps you could visit some of the beautiful beaches, which can be found along its extensive coastline that stretches for over 3400 km.  The festivals, which are held all year round, some of which are unheard of in the west, are fun to celebrate and experience with the people.


Vietnam is a country that has a varied historical influence from countries such as China, European nations and the USA. People have developed their own traditions and customs and this has resulted in a country with a unique culture.  There are many temples, churches and shrines to visit and dozens of traditional festivals to experience if you choose to teach English in Vietnam.  There are more than 50 minority groups, each with their own traditions, lifestyles and performing arts.  The people are friendly and easy going, and it is considered to be one of the safest places to travel in the region.  A country, which has a varied landscape such as this one, certainly has a lot of offer; with over 3,400km of coastline, rice terraces carved by hand thousands of years ago, mountains and hills, there is something for everyone.


Employers like to hire people who have experienced life in a different part of the world and lived outside their comfort zone. An experience such as travelling to faraway lands and working in other countries can force an individual to make decisions for themselves, solve problems and appreciate different approaches to situations.  When you go to another country you are stepping into a new culture and facing a new challenge; employers recognise that this takes a person who has courage and determination to succeed and make a difference.  If you teach English in Vietnam, this will open up more career opportunities for you.



To conclude, if wanting to teach English in Vietnam feels like it is your vocation then it is something that could produce the most wonderful life experience as well as greatly enriching the lives of those you teach - which is a wonderful job satisfaction. It is important to research all the options available to you to find the most fitting position for you. A way to gain an insider's knowledge is to speak to those who themselves have been in the position you are now; you can do this online through many forums.


It is extremely beneficial to look into a migration specialist agency when looking to teach English in Vietnam, they are rarely free methods of support but could really enhance your migration. They will supply you with advice; information and guidance that can make the transition run more smoothly. This can be in the early stages by guiding you through the correct Visa process right through to your landing in Vietnam and helping you with accommodation choices, how to obtain medical care and also equally as important; how to live alongside the natives in a harmonious way.


The more qualified and experienced you are then the more job opportunities you will be eligible fu or teaching English in Vietnam, however nothing is absolutely strict and a lot does depend on the need for those who can teach English in Vietnam in the area of your choice, at the time and date of your choice. You do have many options and in the current climate the world for TESOL in Vietnam really is your oyster.

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