Morrisville, NC, 16-MAR-2013 - Tavve Company, firewall management authority, is pleased to announce that cutting edge firewall solutions are offered for companies that have network systems. The tools available to Tavve customers include Ranger Gateway and ZoneRanger, both of which provide increased security for firewalls. Tavve professionals offer expertise in designing the solutions to firewall leaks.

Partitioned networks are more common today than ever before, but they do have the risk of allowing unauthorized access through the firewalls. The purpose of the ZoneRanger software is to reduce the access points which permit users to bypass the protection of the firewalls. There is a single access point which is monitored and managed by the traffic control capabilities of ZoneRanger.

ZoneRanger can be either physical or virtual in nature. The software is a 128 or 256 TLS/TCP secure connection. There is a single entry point through the firewall. Attacks from outside the network are thus minimized or eliminated completely. Another benefit is that duplicated use of resources is reduced, which lowers the cost of administration. Lowered management time and protocol development is required. Most businesses today are happy to find ways to reduce the financial bottom line.

Prospective customers can use the online ROI tool to come up with an estimate of potential savings when the software is installed. Increased firewall management security is beneficial to protect the entire network from problems within and without, even in partitioned networks. With more than 100 customers using the tools at present, Tavve is recognized as a global leader in the industry. Some of the customers include utility companies, financial enterprises, service providers, government, health care, insurance and manufacturers.

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