Morrisville, NC, 16-MAR-2013 - Tavve Company, world wide distributor of security and network management software is pleased to announce that today's technology provides for better and more comprehensive protection for business equipment and connection firewall management software. The importance of firewall protection is undeniable, but there are more and more networks that have partitioned networks, making network security more difficult to achieve.

The foundation of the security system is ZoneRanger. This tool is both an appliance and the software to guard it. When ZoneRanger and its appellate, Ranger Gateway is implemented, it puts in place a single TLS/TCP 128 or 256 bit encrypted connection which has the function of preserving security network-wide. By limiting the number of access points, the risk to breaches of network security is significantly lessened.

The Ranger firewall management software acts as a traffic manager and inspection point. This means that network managers are not spending staff time writing rules about how and where firewall entrances can occur. Instead, the dangerous protocols are blocked except through the single entry point. Administration of management protocols doesn't require additional staff resources and software.

Tavve's firewall management product is available in two forms. It can be a physical element, or simply a virtual tool. The protection is seamlessly integrated into current software and hardware to ensure that any weak areas of the company networking structure are enhanced. The management requirements in the past made this type of protection expensive, in part because defining the components was complicated. Clients are invited to explore the website to learn about the potential ROI and savings that could be engendered by installing the software.

There is a significant growth in the number of clients who have elected to use Tavve products. The software is distributed around the globe. Users are found in many fields, including health care, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, utilities, service providers and retail industries. A significant part of the appeal of Tavve's solutions lies in the ability to provide knowledgeable and experiences consulting personnel to clients.

Learn more about the software firm and how firewall security can be improved by going to the links at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the information in this press notice are encouraged to contact the firm at the location described below.

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