Since the beginning of time, people have always believed that there are supernatural powers that control everything that happens in the world. Since they were considered holy, the worshipping was to be done on holy grounds too. This saw the establishment of holy shrines and synagogues. In the modern world, the buildings are the houses of worship. The churches in Kansas City MO are a clear indication of the dominant religion.

Religion has been a major point of contradiction between people with different religious view and beliefs. Different religions have different views on how to worship and praise their gods. There are however points that are common in every religion. In every religion, there is a supreme being that rules and controls every aspect of the world.

The belief in an after-life is also a common feature of all religions. The state of the after-life however depends on how an individual leads his life here on earth. The punishment for wrong doings and rewards for good deeds is also a similarity in all religions. The reward for leading a good life on earth is believed to be eternal life after death. If an individual does not lead his life as required by the religion he followers then he is sentenced to burn in hell eternally.

Religious bodies preach peace and love. This reduces the occurrence of conflicts between individuals and even countries. Religion also gives an individual peace of mind. The knowledge that there is an almighty being somewhere that takes care of you is very comforting. Believing that your life is being scrutinized makes people live according to the religious requirements hence reducing wrong doings and crimes.

In almost every religion, it is required that the religious bodies take care of the less fortunate people in the society. This gives the less fortunate members a cause to live. This also reduces the crime rates because they cater for the needs of people who are not able to earn to sustain their lives. With their necessities being provided for by the religious bodies they do not go out stealing and robbing people.

It is also the duty of the religious bodies to offer support to the members of their congregation and the society that may need their help. In the case that an individual has a problem like death of a loved one, religious bodies come together and provide moral and financial support. This gives a person the strength to live through the calamities that may have befallen them.

Religious bodies have a duty to correct the governing bodies. A good example of this is the legalization of gay marriages and abortion. Most churches believe that a marriage should between a man and a woman although some religions believe that it is okay. Abortion has been criticized by the religious bodies. This is because they view this as murder and destruction of life.

Religion is very important in the USA. This has seen the construction many mosques and churches in Kansas City MO. Religious are very gorgeous and thus they upgrade the appearance of this state.

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