Summer is approaching, all found on the street with cheap oakleys sunglasses, sunglasses but many candidates focused on their appearance, while ignoring their quality; some people treat sunglasses as accessories, regardless of the light intensity are wearing; others put on color of myopia lenses, wear all day on the eye. However please note sunglasses improper can damage eyes.
Every year there are many "sunglasses syndrome". Patients with symptoms such as headaches, irritability, lack of long, this is because long time no science to wearing sunglasses due to severe vision problems, vision fuzzy.
In several shop stalls that sell sunglasses survey found that most people only concern style, only a few would consider whether the lens of eye protection. Select fashion styles of sunglasses for criticism, but the one-sided pursuit of fashion sense, ignored the quality and specifications of sunglasses is not scientific, not health. Sunglasses can prevent UV damage your eyes, but if the lens color is too deep, can affect vision; if the lens color is too light, UV damage eye lenses are available.
Often encountered wearing cheap oakley sunglasses on the patients with tears, afraid of the light, Most of them were color sunglasses, pale hues and medical claims on breaches. According to principle, wear a color too dark glasses make eyes in a darkroom environment, people's eyes in a dark environment; the pupil will be automatically expanded, long-term expansion of the pupils most likely diseases such as glaucoma. Inferior sunglasses can also cause more ultraviolet radiation penetrating into the eyes, causing solar keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, eye diseases such as macular changes color.
Sun lens color is not as deep as possible to filter out ultraviolet rays. Some lenses due to the poor quality of the glass, the light refraction, scattering, affect vision. Some dark color instead of filtering out UV lenses, instead of causing ultraviolet a large number enter the eye, damaged lens, severe cases lead to cataracts.
How to prevent "sunglasses syndrome"
Do not choose large glasses. The majority of adult double pupil distance is less than the big glasses optical center distance, wearing the glasses will greatly increase the burden of the regulatory function of the eye, and damage eyesight. Optional mirror, focusing on "Three Views", a look at the label, whether formal business production; Second, look at the technical parameters, whether the standard of anti-ultraviolet (uv-400); Third, look at the color, brown, light gray, light green good for the eyes, and effect.
Once syndrome wearing glasses, you should stop wearing. And taking vitamin b1, b6, ad pill be hot packs, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, massage local. Mild symptoms generally stop wearing glasses after 2 to 4 weeks, may gradually disappear. Severe symptoms should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.
Children do not wear sunglasses
Children under 6 years of age do not wear discount oakley sunglasses . "Development of Visual function of children does not reach adult levels, if you wear sunglasses for a long time, will make the child gained significant reduction of visual stimulation of the retina, fundus cannot be effectively stimulated the macular area, affecting the further development of the Visual, severe cases may develop amblyopia. ”