In this era of flying, cheap oakley sunglasses have become a young fashion decoration first become one important basis for fashion or not. With temperatures rising recently, outdoor Sun more and more strong, sunglasses market showed a fiery situation.
Summer sunglasses world, fashion, attractive sunglasses everywhere, has also become a significant cause of people like it. Sunglasses fashion appearance is just one part of the young people tend to ignore the sunglasses sun radiation features a pair of stylish appearance combines high quality sunglasses can bring you dazzling and comfortable summer.
It was reported that a woman spend 20 Yuan on stands and bought a pair of good sunglasses styles, but wore a week later, eyes tear occurred more than, edema, after doctors told her, was that pair of defective sunglasses fault of. And comments of experts after Tip: bad sunglasses for your eyes hurts, not greedy for cheap and cause trouble to myself for a moment. Summer, eyes to Sun, to exercise greater care when selecting sunglasses, you cannot focus solely on style, but sunglasses quality problems. Also prompted the following four failed sunglasses do not wear:
(A), anti-UV sunglasses for more.
Poor general anti-UV discount oakley sunglasses , eyes as seen in the darkroom, pupils will get larger, residual ultraviolet instead of a large number of objects launched into the eye, injury to the eye. Corruption must not go after small gains in small purchases on the stands, even if some sunglasses can block UV, but lenses work are not in place, also caused varying degrees of damage to eyes.
(B) the sunglasses, transmission failure.
If after the transmittance is not qualified for wearing sunglasses, will identify obstacles to traffic signals, is prone to traffic accidents. All sunglasses, including professional driving goggles, sports goggles, fishing mirror ... ... (Except for the lenses and reading glasses myopia). Expert weapon the easiest method of identifying, sunglasses can be placed in front, through the lens observation targets in the distance, such as a window or door frame, then the glasses up and down moves back and forth, lenses within the view of goal there should be no swing and wavy deformation.
(C) sunglasses, unremarked category identity.
Unremarked oakley sunglasses cheap sunglasses consumers need to be cautious of the categories, namely sun visor sun visor mirror light mirror, used for decoration and for special mirrors to prevent snow blindness or waterproof surface radiation. If there are no identifies product categories, consumers at the point of purchase does not correctly identify the use of sunglasses, effect on the results.
(Iv) sunglasses to fight the performance does not meet the requirements.
Fight the performance refers to the sunglasses lenses and frame of the fight, too fragile lenses and frames will no doubt bring fatal injury to the wearer. Lens easily broken when the shock from the outside, fragmentation human eye injury. Frame material is also important, generally have plate, aluminum-magnesium alloys, titanium.
Requirements of the different demands on the Sun is not the same, specifically for use as a polarizing campaign driving goggles, polarized, polarized fishing microscopy such as, at the time of purchase, ask professional use of sunglasses. Also remind consumers, buying Sun should try wearing and wearing color changes before and after wearing any visible, the object color to wear cheap oakleys sunglasses after seeing spurious.