Summer has come at the appointed time, street play at this time, of course, are a pair of dress is a must of the cheap oakley sunglasses , here to talk to you all this summer several sunglasses fashion trends, to best suit your style.
Trend: dress pattern
Last year, designers are keen to provide sunglasses to wear flamboyant clothes, spring/summer 2013 brands are classic pattern or seasonal hot-headed design put on the sunglasses. Prada's minimalist Baroque patterns, butterfly, Dolce&Gabbana Garden, Loewe, Ferragamo silk scarf prints and CHANEL signature Tweed, sunglasses are not only shaped embellishment in the future, is an extension of creative designers, fans are blessed, like design will not only wear, you can also wear.
Trends II: transparent textures
Transparent design frame sunglasses are also popular in recent years, in the spring/summer 2013, permeability to in comparison to performance, different color gradients, different material combinations, shown between the transparent, translucent and opaque streamer-like texture, not the overall permeability, is like a jewel radiant shine. As popular brands have been offering transparent when framed sunglasses, big nature does have opened the gap, transparency is not enough, the colors and materials for transparent course is completely open, candy color can play a high sense of beauty.
Trend III: the future aesthetics
Lady Gaga red, strange sunglasses is an obvious rise again, emphasizing the sense of cool and shape the future of cheap oakleys sunglasses for the 2013 spring and summer's most eye-catching role. Pilot sunglasses is the best carrier in the future, the upper horizontal line just before your eyebrows, belies the true expression, showing determination and mystery the lenses attached to mirror wind style also gives designers a lot of design space, the lens shape and decoration of the elbow joint is in the mood.
Trend IV: scroll box
Round-framed glasses don't know how relationships have to do with Harry Potter, anyway, had killed are not wearing style suddenly became a hot people selected, and whether the overall retro or stylish new designs are loved. Tom Ford of "sea turtle" shallow Brown Sun mirror match antique shirt must Super has tone; Chanel fine metal edge of gradient light blue Sun mirror elegant was can wearing to participate in dinner; and Marni of transparent box Sun mirror cute was let people wanted to set complete sets, presents a of lenses color distinct is to let people moments is can wearing, metal of mirror leg Shang pierced out round hole, design of mind full comprehensive.
Trends v: brilliant color
Filled with color spring/summer 2013-how could fall discount oakley sunglasses, we'll talk about more than just colorful lenses or frames, more a combination of color and innovative. Color choice of resin picture frame sunglasses are hot in the summer, but each editors began to fall the irony on colored sunglasses do not scale, designers do is shut them up this year. Energy and collocation of the color itself, and then attached to fresh shapes and materials, spring/summer2013 color sunglasses more attractive than ever, whether you want to build a street also was up Hollywood heiress, colored sunglasses are an indispensable fashion props.