40 years ago today, Hawks overcame record effort to win Big Ten [Hawkmania] - The greatest performance by a Big Ten basketball player wasnât enough to deny the Iowa basketball program one of its greatest victories ever.

Kaeding opening new restaurant [IC Press Citizen] - The restaurant hasnât been named yet, but the plan is for a morning coffee shop, full-service lunch and dinner menus and Sunday brunch, Kaeding said.

Tradition remains strong after century of Hawkeye wrestling [CR Gazette] - We've always got wrestling.

Live chat with Dan Gable, J.R. Ogden and others - Legendary Coach Dan Gable will be participating in a live chat next Wednesday, March 3 at 11:30 a.m., with Gazette staff members, including Sports Product Planner (fancy name for Sports Editor) J.R. Ogden as part of the...

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