Hello everyone, this is Matthew here with this column reviewing SummerSlam 2012. First i'd like to apologise to anyone i disrespected last night on the Wrestling Crew for what i said. I was just in the buzz i suppose and i did not mean to hurt your feelings or disrespect your opinion. I thought it was a great show at the time...do i think that now? Read all about it.


Chris Jericho beat Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie)- ***3/4

I'm rating it ***3/4 out of 4. It was non stop action right the way through and i loved it. It was a great choice for an opener to get the crowd red hot. They were split 50/50 apparantly live which is great for Jericho i guess to show he's still over whilst Ziggler is always getting chants at the major PPV's. I loved the whole dynamic of the match with Jericho keeping up with Ziggler even for his age. There was a couple of cool spots but the Hurricana of the top rope stands out. Awesome sell as usual from Ziggler. Great nearfalls during the end aswell. Awesome start.


There was an interview with Brock and Paul at the back. Brock barely spoke. Good as much as i love him he cannot talk. Whilst Paul-E, one of the best ever. He basically said to Triple H you want a fight you got one etc yadada then said we have two words for you "Tap.Out"


Daniel Bryan beat Kane- **1/2

This was a lot of fun, the crowd again created a great atmosphere for Bryan and Kane to work on and they have great chemistary together. Kane held his own again and shows he has 1 or 2 years in him yet. It was good of Bryan to slap Kane and then get Kane to rage. It shows his angry side here with Bryan getting the cheap win with the roll up. I liked it alot, Bryan needed it aswell with the losses hes took on TV.

Post Matc, Kane went all crazy and in Batman mode with the "WHERE IS HE, WHERES DANNY". i laughed my arse when he threw Josh Matthews away. Great side to Kane.


The Miz beat Rey Mysteryio to retain the Intercontinental Championship- **

Rey had the worst Batman tribute thing ever. If you want to pay homage to the film, wear the actual mask. Anyhoo Miz looked more awesome here then ever and was a great back and forth match. They did this really cool spot where Miz caught Mysterio on his shoulders and hit a backbreaker variation for a count of two. Mysterio hit a seated senton off the top. Mysterio went for a hurricanrana, but Miz countered it into a powerbomb. Which was an awesome spot and apparantly Giles' Wrestling Finisher. Win came after Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, i also picked him to win the match. I'm 2-2 including the preshow which Cesaro won in predictions. This needed to happen for the Miz, build him up by winning cleanly. Alot.

Sheamus beat Alberto Del Boy to retian the World Heavyweight Championship- **

I have to say WTF for the finish. Because the match was like a basic TV filler match for 10-15 mins. I'll give props to Shemus for picking up Del Boy with him wrapped around him. The finish with Ricky Ricardo throwing his shoe and Sheamus catching it then hitting it was bad enough for a World Title match. But then the foot on the rope with Mike Chioda one of the best officals in WWE missing it makes no sense. If you were going to have that finish why not at Money in the Bank? Now we'll have another match between these two. Bring on Barrett please.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth beat The Primetime Players to retain the Tag Team Championships-*1/2

It was again fun but the biggest bullshit descion of the night was not putting the titles on these two men. I know i sound crazy putting the titles over that much but its true damn it. Who else do R-Boom have to feud with? The Acension if they get brought up? (Please) No. No one I love Titus' noise to tribute his Universty or something. I love him and Black Cena. The champions are average at best. It was a good little match though. P.S I don't miss AW the man is a fool for cutting all ties with WWE.

They then showed a couple promos i guess showed. Thats when i had a wank over AJ. I joke. I went for a dump.

CM Punk beat Big Show and John Cena to retain the WWE Championship- **1/2

1) With Punk moaning like a bitch which i love this match should of Main evented. But no HHH/Brock did.

2) Big Show held his own here and i applud him for it. He looked sharp.

Anywayssssss the match again was fun with nothing outstanding happening. CM Punk's attire was a wonderful homage to one of my favourtie ever Bret Hart. Cena and Punk went for a submission together on Show and he tapped out then they argued etc. It again was confusing. AJ skipped down and i druled she then just said "Restart the match" and Big Show hit a double chokeslam. The finish is one of my favourite finishes ever for Triple Threat matches. With one guy hitting a finisher, getting thrown out the ring and that guy pinning him. It was great and Punk loved it by gloating Cena etc.

After the match they shoewd Piers 'I carnt get over RVP' Morgan and Rick Rubin who stuck his middle finger up at the camera. He looked like the puppet the American comedian has whilst doing it. He said sorry, lets move on.

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) beat Triple - ***3/4

It was very physical, crowd was dead of course because of the pace but i enjoyed. There isn't much to say really apart from i'm happy Brock won. It will lead to a rematch after Brock broke his arm. I hope to god that isnt the case. But the match was enjoyable i thought to me at least. The nearfalls during the end were great i loved when Trips hit the pedigree and Brock just turned it into his Arm Lock submission when he was going for the pin. Awesome. I love Brock. Triple H was great in his role. After the match and Brock BROKE HIS FREAKING ARM HHH was sad. Aw. And got the 'You Tapped Out' treatment from the fans. Terrific. He kept on saying i'm sorry and refused medical attention. What happened to the absolute animal from 02-06? Oh yeh, his wife detached his balls. I kid. Vince did.


Show Rating- 6.5/10

I rated it 8/10 last night, i overrated it. It was good i guess but it certinaly wasn't shit.

5 Stars of the Show

1) Brock Lesnar

2) Chris Jericho

3) Dolph Ziggler

4) Triple H

5) CM Punk


Match of the night was the opener, it was hard to follow but it was just so entertaining. I rated Lesnar/HHH at the same level but i enjoyed Jericho/Ziggler more.

Punk/Show/Cena was nice and more than i expected. Why? Becuase Show worked his arse off. It wasn't brilliant but it was good and watchable. Hopefully this leads to more Punk/Cena match after the first finish thing.

Congrats to Cesaro for winning the US Title. I love Handsome McRugby and i think he can bring the title back to meanginful belonging.

Jericho is away with Fozzy after this week. Thanks for 8 months, come back soon after with no injury!