Cheap north face jackets has been comfortable wearing feeling, superior insulation, outstanding breathability become the main intermediate warm layer of clothing in the fall and winter outdoor sports, but also because of its innovative and beautiful style, suitable ordinarily wear, outdoor sports enthusiasts outdoors sports and everyday life in general-purpose clothing. But traditional fleece fabric elastic finite, only through a loose design to match a variety of actions in the outdoor sports, stretch fleece jacket TNF new break this convention, by increasing the flexibility of the fabric, so grab Cashmere truly become the wearer the second layer of the skin, reduce obstacles to climbing motion. Current shopping guide, we see what the 2013 new stretch fleece jacket TNF.
First of all, take a look at this fleece jacket has what characteristics.
. Fabrics imported fabric, single cashmere, within the level in soft velvet with a good warm breathable performance, and can not afford to ball.
2. Wearing comfort with elastic kolon fabrics, to better adapt to the spring and autumn, outdoor sports, especially suitable for climbing activities.
3. The cheap north face main zipper cap humane design can prevent the zipper folder hurt skin; caps inside the mouth micro elastic stretch adjustment rope, which can effectively prevent the entry of cold air, to maintain body temperature.
The 4 unique cuff thumb port design, to prevent cold air from the cuff poured. And the same assurance hands frostbite.
The flower-shaped sewing craft and white hit color zipper, prominent lines and color changes, wearing a beautiful atmosphere.
6. Pocket innerspring buckle, easy to adjust the tightness.
7. Variety of colors to adapt to different personalities and preferences of the user.
The discount north face jackets stretch fleece jacket with a sleek minimalist design, wearing decent and generous, and highlight the texture. Without the cumbersome design, no dazzling colors with simple, effective, and comfortable is the most important feature of this fleece jacket. This fleece jacket can be worn alone, can also be coupled with jacket to wear, but worn alone, to better reflect the wearer's temperament and Manner. Outdoor enthusiasts consider worthy of pursuit of comfort and movement.