= No Contest.

I thought we had it. I honestly thought we had broken our 21 year streak of bad luck. And then, they announced the Washington Wizards' representative for the Draft Lottery, owner Abe Pollin's widow, wearing his 1978 championship ring. At that very moment, I knew we were done. Brilliant as he may be, Macgyver is simply no match for a widow.

Congrats to the Wizards. They played the best card, rendering our mascot karma inert. Well done.

That being said, I hope Gilbert Arenas shoots John Wall in the knee cap.

Anyway, after a 13th brutal trip to the lottery where theWolves have NEVER improved their draft positioning and have actually been moved back a ridiculousSEVEN times, I've come to the conclusion that the NBA Draft Lottery needs to be ended. I've been saying for...

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