Hello everyone. this is Matthew Towers with my column today focussing on one legend, the biggest superstar in WWE history. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The man is a legend, he defied an era so big it changed WWE forever wiping its competition WCW off the park. But....

Today i read a link from NODQ.com with these words...

- Coming out of the SummerSlam weekend events in Los Angeles, word from sources is that Steve Austin will indeed be wrestling one more match with WWE but that match most likely will not take place at WrestleMania 29 in 2013.

Austin's final match isn't expected to happen until WrestleMania 30 in 2014.

The story is that Austin won't come back for anything but a WrestleMania main event. Those familiar with Austin's situation note that he's not physically or mentally ready for the match to take place next year.

Now i do not look into these too much because quite frankly 9/10 they are bullshit. But this is one has got my hopes up. I'm not saying it will happen because trust me it might not knowing Wrestling but it makes you wonder what if its true. What if Austin has told people he'll be ready and he'll wrestle at WrestleMania 30? What if he told people that 2013 is too soon but he'll take the year off making films to train and prepare to wrestle in 2014 over the weekend? I'd be pumped but we'll never know unless someone comes out and confirms it.

Here i sit, HOPING its true. And i emphaias the hoping because me as a huge Austin fan can only hope he'll return and wrestle one more match. But who should he wrestle? This is what my column is all about. I'll rank each wrestler with the one i want the most to happen. 5) being the least one i want but the one i'd still be up for and 1) being the one i desperatly want to see. Here we go!

The 5 matches that should be considered...

5) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar- This match should of happened if Austin let his differences with Brock aside in 02. Thats why he left for a few months. He didn't want to wrestle Lesnar on free TV because he thought it was A) Money for a PPV and B) Disrespectful to Austin that he should lose on free TV to Lesnar. I dont agree with the last part because quite frankly no matter how big a star you have become if your boss tells you to beat or lose to anyone you do it. So Austin left and came back a year or so later. Go Figure. I'd quite frankly would of loved to of seen this 9 or 10 years ago when Brock wrestled like no body could touch him. Now, although on paper it looks awesome. Brock vs. Austin. Two of the baddest 'asses' to ever grace the WWE ring would be awkward to watch. Brock isnt stiff, at all he actually looks after the guy hes wrestling which shows he's not a big cunt as people make him out to be. I love him, but him facing Austin would make me cringe because lets face it, he's changed his move set to get with the all legitimacy gimmick, thats fine but for Austin? With his injuries? It wouldn't be pretty to watch. You'd just hope one of the take downs or shoulder blocks isnt going to hurt him too much. On paper? Bad ass vs. Bad ass? In the ring? Cringey so if it happened i'd like the storyline and concecpt but not the match, i'd be too concerned about Stone Cold.

4)Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Cena- You'd think this would be higher huh? Basically its so low because Cena's already faced Rock so he dosn't need it and with Vince being so high on doing Rock vs. Cena II i cannot see it happening. But if it did happen it would be brilliant. The biggest star in the Attitude Era vs. The biggest star in the PG era. It be bigger than Rock vs. Hogan, Rock vs. Cena and Austin vs. Rock. It would be huge. My problem? I dont think it would be as good a storyline as i would hope. It would be two awkward because unlike Rock, Austin owns people whilst Rock can be owned aswell as own people. I've never seen Austin be VERBALLY owned on TV before whilst with the Rock i have. So where does that leave Cena? He's two cool to not be physical with him unless he is with provoked at first. Will that happen with Austin in his condition? It might. Not the Lou Thez Press though maybe the odd Stunner because he can still deliver it. But yeh like i said, i'd just rather see Rock vs. Cena again because those two connect and have similarites.

3) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Miz- I know what you're thinking. 'Holy Shit Matthew has went insane' No i havn't quite frankly i love the Miz and him and Austin would work. Why? Well although he's in the Mid-Card hes getting built up to stardom again (TURN HIM FACE FOR FUCK SAKE) but before doing that if you're going to have Miz vs. Austin. Have Miz be the cocky heel claiming he's the reason WWE is where it is today, not Austin not Cena not Hogan etc. Austin comes out and owns Miz etc and it would kick off from there. The storyline WOULD work, because Miz is that much of a hated heel that much. It could prepell him to stardom before turning him Face. It would give him confidence, it would give him rep and it would give Austin an easier job because Miz's move set is good yes but it'snt going to damage is neck bar the neckbreakers etc. And the fact Miz can hold his own on the microphone.

2) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Randy Orton- The Rattlesnake vs. The Viper, The Stunner vs. The RKO. Hell give Orton the Legend Killer gimmick back and you have a money feud right there. In the WWE AT the current moment, of anyone who gets a pop as big as Cena if not bigger, its Randy Orton. I love his face charachter because its so dangerous and bad ass you don't know what he'll do. Austin is exactly like that also. So the two have similarties. Whats the problem? Orton's mic skills, which i guess suits his current role with actions speak louder than words etc. The only Orton i can remember being good on the mic was Legend Killer Orton and that was because he was a cocky young heel that got peoples attention by beating up legends. Remember the feud with Foley? Awesome. So Austin could come out and cost Orton a match, say he's pissed off at him basically ripping Austin off and saying theres only one snake in WWE and thats Austin. Orton could turn heel become the Legend Killer etc and the rest is history, genius right? RKO vs. Stunner at WM30 would be huge. So thats option number 2...now option number 1.....

1) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk- Everyone knows i'm the biggest mark for CM Punk. I think everything he does is genius, he could set someone on fire and i'd probably appluad him for it. Joking. But i'm sure 98% of Wrestling and Austin fans want to see, Austin vs. Punk. Why? Because Punk is the Austin of the PG ERA in the sense he has the same attitude the storyline last year was a shoot like Austin, sticking it to Vince like Austin etc. BUT! He doesn't drink, he dosn't smoke, he dosn't do drugs, Hello we have a winner for a money storyline. Punk could be furious at someone who has been drinking infront of millions for 5 or 6 years on Television. Holy shit infact i would not care how they do because i know it will be Straight Edge vs. Austins Lifestyle. These two would make it work. Punk and Austin already tweet eachother hinting at it (again don't look at it like that as a certintinty) but if there were two men to have verbal confrontations that would be off the charts awesome, it would be Punk and Austin. The fact CM Punk is the best Wrestler in the World at the moment along with Aires and Bryan helps too so you're bound to get a ****+ match with those two. It could be the last match ever for both men too as Punk has hinted 34 is too old to be at the same pace as everyone else and he wants to walk around free of pain when hes older so it would the perfect way to sail off into the sunset.


Do i think Austin will return? I don't know, i could only hope so because i cannot remember too much of him in his prime. Will i be dissapointed if he dosn't return for one more match? Absolutely not. The man has offered us so many outstanding moments i could not be mad at him, from WM13 with Bret, too the feud with McMahon and HHH to the Rock matches at WrestleMania 15,17 and 19 which was his last match, i wouldn't. I wasn't even angry at him for not being at RAW1000 because he's been there for WWE when hes needed but this time he was commited to something else, so when people say fuck WWE and fuck Austin for that it gets me mad.

Anyways my point is, IF Austin returns, it would be the biggest mainevent match in history. No doubt about it. Because its one of the greatest wrestlers ever and one of the biggest superstars ever, the most loved man in WWE history returning. It would be awesome and it could only help him and his opponment. Should he win? If it's for one match no because its just one match, he could make a legend or a star that night. If its one or more matches then Yes, yes he should but i doubt the latter is the actual case.

I hope you've enjoyed this, i've enjoyed typing it up. Austin brings out so much in not only me but every wrestling fan that has ever been attached to the business. Whether you loved him or hated him, you always had to say "He is the reason WCW didn't kill off WWE' that and other things that came into play but he was the guy and i thank him for that.

I've left a video at the bottom of Austins last match vs. The Rock. It was emotional when i watched it again because of the pain he was going through. Oustanding to have a match of that quailty and yet be in so much pain i appluad him for that.


It's been a pleasue and thats the Bottom line because Matthew Towers wrote so.