OK, so apparently the first step in the mysterious plan was to make a lifetime commitment to David Wright. So check that one off of Sandy's "things to do before I can have a Mai Tai list". But that leaves the big question, of what to do next?They could go for the "2012 was great, so let's do it again and again" plan. This would mean extending Dickey, and pretty much calling 2013 set (other than shuffling the last few broken deck chairs). Or they could go bolder, and trade a SP (either Dickey or Niese) to try and bring in some much needed young position player talent to build around.In some ways, the FO is at a crossroads. Are they going for it, or just trying to appease the fans (and sell more jerseys) by hanging onto Wright, and rolling with the "maybe hitters will miraculously appear in the minors" plan.So, a new thread for a quiet Saturday night to post your "when I become GM for a day" plan to finish building for 2013 and beyond plan.Here's my current thoughts (subject to change at any time, for any reason):1) Explore the trade market for Niese and Dickey. If one of them can bring back a serious hitting prospect (OF ideally) + more needed help, trade him and keep the other. Then fill in the rotation with someone like Lannan2) Sign A.J. to catch if they can get him on a 2 year deal. Obviously a stop gap, but it will fill a gaping hole in the line-up (and on the field), and will buy some time to see which if any of the catchers in the minors can develop into viable major league players.3) beg, borrow and steal some more live arms to compete for bullpen spots.After that, fill in the margins (4th OF, bench) as needed around what came back in the big trade. And look to move any other misfits (say, Duda) for players that are a better fit.11/09/2012 - Sticking to the “plan”