Steve Spurrier held his weekly teleconference earlier on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming game against Missouri and give some other updates on the Gamecocks health heading into the weekend. 

Here are some notes from the Head Ball Coach:

-Spurrier said they are looking forward to playing Missouri. Said they can "do it all" and that "Coach Pinkel has got a good team."

-Spurrier said it will be a new experience for South Carolina to play out there. It will be his first time out there at Missouri. 

-He said Shaw should be able to backup Thompson this week. "He should be okay by Saturday night."

-Spurrier mentioned that Kelcy Quarles should be able to play some on Saturday night as wel. 

-Coach Spurrier said the conference is strong up and down. He mentioned "a lot of us" are sort of in the middle of the pack. He said offenses on Western side make a lot of offense each and every week. "It's always been a pretty tough league."

-Spurrier said Missouri's defense is fast and quick. "They don't have any fat guys out there playing," according to the Head Ball Coach. He said they mix it up on defense and they play some man-to-man. He said they get excellent pressure without blitzing. 

-Spurrier said offense scores a lot of points and they've got one of the best return man in the country. 

-Spurrier said South Carolina was competitive when they entered the SEC. He said the Gamecocks had Florida "on the ropes" in 1992. He said they have ball-players back then. 

-Coach mentioned that the Gamecocks have had problems knocking the ball down in the passing game. He said the Gamecocks need to get in there and fight for the ball. He talked about the players needing to go for it and create some push and shove without using your hands and try to hang with those guys. 

-Spurrier said he can beat Texas A&M's head coach Kevin Sumlin in golf "but not by much."

-Coach Spurrier said he wouldn't start this weekend in any scenario if Shaw was healthy enough. He said it was time to let Dylan Thompson play and "see what he can do."

-Spurrier said he told JJ Marcus that he can't tackle like he did against Tennessee that caused him to get ejected from the game in a targeting penalty. 

Audio from today's teleconference: